When I was first married my husband, he took me on a two week trip to Italy. This was the first time I had ventured over the Atlantic, and it sparked a curiosity to discover and see more of the world. As our family grew I realized the great value and importance of having our children see and travel the world with us. I believe it's an invaluable experience for them to appreciate different cultures, understand how vast and diverse the world truly is, and to comprehend that what ever happens in their everyday life, it is only a small scope of what surrounds us. Through traveling the globe, I hope they can grow up with an understanding and acceptance for other races and cultures. Also, that they can be kinder and wiser individuals while appreciating the things they have and may take for granted. I hope the wonderful memories and flashbacks of the beautiful places they visited during their childhood will forever be engraved in their little heads and they can pass on those experiences to their children someday. The world is ours to discover and we plan to continue to do so one country at a time.

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