Review: The Four Seasons Resort Huda Kuraa in Beautiful Maldives

Editor’s note: Maldives. Yes it’s a romantic location for couples and honeymooners – but it is also a great destination for the family vacation. Bond over beautiful sunsets, look out for shooting stars, do nothing, but everything together. Mummy Janet (with two sons aged 10 and 16) shares with us her family’s first vacation in beautiful Maldives – it sounds like they would be back for more 😉

Beautiful Maldives Stole Our Hearts

We first visited Maldives in June 2015. I think we are now hooked!

The pristine waters, clear blue skies and relaxed atmosphere all make for an enjoyable holiday for my family of four.  

There are many islands and resorts to choose from. We decided, for our first trip, on one of the two Four Seasons Resorts, the Huda Kuraa Maldives.

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Huda Kuraa Maldives resort is only a 30-minute speed boat ride from Male.   There was no lengthy seaplane transfer to deal with.

beautiful Maldives holiday with my teenage kids

We spent five nights in one of their Sunrise Bungalow, with an in-villa pool that overlooks the Indian Ocean. Indeed, the sunrise was spectacular.  


The house reef is located on our side of the island, the Sunrise side. We could step right into the sea from our bungalow and be snorkelling within minutes. We went snorkeling at the house reef everyday – a few times each day. When we visited in June, the weather was perfect. The sea was calm, the water inviting and warm enough even for me! The wealth of marine life is amazing. One of the most unforgettable experience was seeing reef sharks up close and personal on one of our guided snorkelling excursion.  

The Water Sports Centre

There were a lot of beach activities to choose from too, at the Water Sports Centre located at the Sunset side of the island. Non- motorised sports, such as windsurfing and kayaking, are complimentary. My elder son tried a X Jetblade hydro-foot jet flight:

He liked it and commented that he’d liked to do it again – with a jet pack jacket for a higher flight and more thrill next time!

A Seaplane Flight

We couldn’t resist chartering a private seaplane photo flight. A 20-minute flight, with spectacular scenery – atolls after atolls, azure clear sea, a view of our resort from the air. It’s really beautiful.

Peaceful Nights

Nights were spent just relaxing in our villa. With the ocean right in front of us, and the beautiful Maldives night sky ablaze with stars… We saw our first shooting star too! My younger son missed it, and commented that we were really lucky to have seen it.

Delicious – but expensive – Food

The food at the resort, especially seafood such as scallops and prawns, were very good. My husband and sons, who love their steaks, also enjoyed the wagyu beef. The drinks here got the thumb-up from my boys too. Everything is charged in USD in the resort, and the food was very expensive. I “smuggled” in some condiments – the chili sauce we love and my husband can’t live without.

I understand now, why many of our friends enjoy visiting and revisiting Maldives. There is something truly magical about an island vacation here… We travel at least twice a year with the kids, always lookingf or somewhere new to experience and explore.  This is the first time we all agreed we must revisit a destination. With so many resorts and islands to choose from, and my boys clamouring for a return visit to beautiful Maldives, we are already looking forward to our next adventure!

Editor’s note: Have you been to Maldives? Which resort did you stay at, and would you recommend it to a friend? Why OR why not? Share with us your experience – we would love to hear from you.

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