Discovering Jordan’s Desert Castles with the Kids

Location: Jordan

Editor’s note: Meet the Wagars. Kevin and Christina are avid travellers, keen to share their love of learning about different cultures and seeing new and old places with their children. Now, that’s the kind of families we heart here at KidsOnBoard!

To share their experiences and knowledge of family travel with others, Kevin and Christina started their travel blog, Wandering Wagars; right here on KidsOnBoard, Kevin shares a tale of his family’s adventure, discovering Castles in the Desert of Jordan. Gorgeous, we say. Read on.

Jordan: Discovering Castles in the Desert

Jordan offers a myriad of adventures for children. Ours wanted to explore as many castles and ruins as we could fit into our schedule when we visited the Kingdom. Make sure to bring headlamps so they can see into every nook and cranny! Here are a few of the castles we explored in Jordan.

Two Castles along the King’s Highway…

Sweeping-views-of-Shobak-Castle in Jordan, along the King's Highway

Shobak Castle

Strategically located on the King’s Highway in Jordan, the Shobak Castle is a place meant to be explored. New tunnels and rooms are hiding behind every corner and there are three levels accessible.

Discovering-Treasure in Jordan
Near the gate to Shobak Castle is a room filled with antiquities that have been found within the castle including carvings, writings and tablets. Kids will have a great time trying to move the giant stone spheres.

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Karak Castle

Catching-our-breath-under-the-battle-wall in Karak Castle in Jordan
Karak Castle, also on the King’s Highway, also offers hours of exploring. New rooms are constantly being discovered. This castle has a number of sharp drops though, so make sure to keep an eye on the kiddo’s.

Arched-vaults-of-Karak-Castle in Jordan along the Kings Highway
The basement of Karak Castle has impressive vaulted ceilings and exciting tunnels to run though.

…And Three Desert Castles in Jordan

Following the adventures of Lawrence of Arabia, we spent a day exploring three of the many Desert Castles in Jordan. Here are some highlight from our journey…

Qasr Al Kharana

Looking-for-ancient-writing in Qasr Al Kharana in Jordan
Qasr Al Kharana has rooms with writing that dates back a millennia. Much of it is ancient graffiti by the soldiers and locals who have called the castle home over the years.

Qasr al-Azrak

Lawrence-of-Arabia Desert Castles in Jordan
Qasr al-Azrak, one of Jordan’s many desert castles, gives you the chance to walk in the footsteps of the famous T.S. Lawrence, or Lawrence of Arabia. This is the room in which he stayed while helping the Bedouins take back Jordan from the Turks.

The centre of Qasr al-Azrak has a building that was once the jail of the castle. The vaulted ceilings make for great pictures and the rooms make exploring lots of fun.

Near the entrance to Qasr al-Azrak you can find an ancient board game etched into the floor, where the soldiers manning the doors would wile away the hours while on watch. Our kids made up their own version of the game.

Amra Palace

Amra Palace in Jordan is a Unesco World Heritage Site
Amra Palace, a Unesco world heritage site may not appear like much on the outside, but the inside is filled with fun and exciting paintings including a bear playing music.

Getting-water-from-the-well-at-Amra-Palace in Jordan
The well at Amra Palace is still functional and the guides can help your kids spin the giant wheel to bring up the water.

The Kingdom of Jordan  is an oasis of peace and stability in the Middle East.  We found a very welcoming country for travellers, where kids were universally loved. For more of our adventures in Jordan visit us here.

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