Stay Review: Grand Lexis, a Port Dickson Villa

Location: Port Dickson

Editor’s Note:  Port Dickson, the popular beach resort destination located along the Straits of Melaka, was Maya’s choice for a recent getaway with her little ones and extended family.  She shares with us a review of Grand Lexis at Port Dickson and we love her honest feedback – read on if you are considering a Port Dickson villa for a quick getaway with the kids in tow!

 Driving up to Port Dickson

Driving to Port Dickson
To get to our Port Dickson villa, we drove up to Port Dickson from our home.  The journey took us about 4hrs.  It was quite a straightforward route, easy and almost impossible to get lost.


Tolls cost about RM100 to and fro. Fuel was about RM80. All with change to spare.

For the kids on the Road Trip

I suggest bringing along snacks and water for the road trip especially when you have younger kids (like mine) on on the trip… Rest stops are pretty abundant so toilet breaks were easy – though i would totally recommend antibacterial wipes for the toilet seats and lotsa wet wipes.

Grand Lexis Port Dickson
Port Dickson villa with kids
A Port Dickson Villa

We’ve chosen to stay at the Grand Lexis Port Dickson resort, and I booked a Garden Pool Villa for the family.

We paid abt SGD$550 for a 3-day 2-nite stay, including breakfast for 2 adults.  The kids ate for free.  As we had my brother with us we paid an additional RM$42 for his buffet breakfast each day.

Our Port Dickson villa was grand! The room had 2 king-sized beds, so paying for an additional bed for one more adult was not required.

Here’s another view of the our Port Dickson villa, my lil girl looking into the in-room pool from our bedroom area.

Port Dickson Villa with kids

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There was also a tiny kitchenette with a microwave, kettle, complimentary coffee and tea, and a few coffee mugs as well.

The Bathroom

Port Dickson villa with kids
The bathroom here doesn’t have a bath tub.  There’s a separate stall for the toilet and a separate stall for shower. The rain shower was pretty nice BUT be v careful with the water heater – it gets scaldingly hot in seconds, which is very very dangerous!

Basic amenities are provided in our Port Dickson Villa – shower cap,toothbrush & toothpaste. A wee bit stingy on the towels though, I felt. Only 1 floor mat when there are 2 separate stalls and a pool.  We ended up calling for more towels to put outside e pool door.

The good

The hotel staff are quite flexible there, so a room like ours could actually easily accommodate 2 more adults (for free); having a total of 4 adults and 2 kids in the Garden Pool Villa is totally doable

The not-so-good

There was a power outtage on our 2nd nite. For abt 10mins.  No staff came to check on us, no calls were made to the room to check that we are ok, no explanations, nothing.  We just waited it out… and soon enough the power came back on…

Our in-room Pool

Port Dickson villa with kids
Here’s a close-up shot of our in-room pool.  It was clean but the water was quite cold.  The floor around the pool does tend to get slippery so watch out!!

When you are booking the Garden Pool Villa rooms, you will have a choice of either a ground floor unit where the pool is indoors, or a 2nd level unit where the pool is exposed to the sun and rain. We thought the 2nd level unit sounds better, rite?  BUT the stairs up to the 2nd floor is very steep and very high.   With luggage to lug, strollers to push, and kids to usher… ermmmm not very fun!

Port Dickson villa with kids
Grand Lexis also offers overwater villas – so you don’t have to go all the way to Maldives for it.  This was the view of the bridge connecting the overwater villas

The Food and Drinks

Here’ a shot of our freshly squeezed cucumber and apple juice & green apple juice… I am sorry to report that it was Not Nice! Wasn’t cold and it took them 20mins to prepare this, and at RM$9 each!

I suppose this was already a sign of things to come…

This was our Surf and Turf meal.  Looks nice – but it was nothing special.  The corn was tasteless, the meat a bit tough. And the prawns are not fresh (I am in the seafood business).

Whilst on the topic of food I have one piece of advice.  DON’T.  Even the buffet breakfast was horrible.  The eggs were watery, the chicx chipolatas had gone bad.  The cheese was hard.  Pastries were stale.  Flies to human ratio is about 10:1.

Hungry? Drive out 10mins to PD town and visit a Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC or Mcdonalds.  There are lots to choose from in PD town.

The Kiddie Pool

Simple enough, and again, clean.  Flooring had tiny holes in them so it’s quite easy for lil toes to get stuck in between.  The slides are safe enough and water shallow enough for me to let my 2-year-old run around on her own. Other activities included bicycle rental, arcade room, archery, segway, all at separate costs.  But we weren’t keen as these activities were not very child-friendly (for my little girls) so we skipped that.

All in all for a weekend trip, we actually enjoyed ourselves – our room was our saving grace!

Food plays an important part in our trip but since we were able to get awesome pizzas from Dominos we were pleased.  Skip the food in the hotel.  Totally. We didnt even dare order room service – either bring ur own or go out to eat.

I hope this was informative!!!

Editor’s note:  Thanks Maya, for sharing an honest review of the good, not-so-good and the bad with us!  Do you have a Port Dickson villa to recommend? Tell us in the comments below, or drop us a review here.  We’d love to hear from you! 



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