Blue Lagoon Iceland & More on our Road Trip

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Elena Ng has fond memories of her family’s holiday in beautiful Iceland, a 10-day self-drive trip along the Ring Road, soaking in the Blue Lagoon Iceland is famous for. Come with her on Iceland Road Trip, as she shares with us highlights from her beautiful journey… 

The Blue Lagoon Iceland is Famous for – and More

Wanted to share my family’s beautiful experience to Iceland, the amazing land of Fire and Ice….

We visited Iceland from Amsterdam, our other destination on that trip. We took IcelandAir from Amsterdam.

From the Airport, we drove along the main Ring Road (or Route 1), visiting towns and attractions as we passed though them.  As we were travelling OFF-PEAK, we mainly found accommodation as we moved along… We went to tourist info centres, stashed up on brochures and guides, and walked in when we felt like resting, moving along this way until we found suitable ones we liked.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Our first stop was definitely going to be the Blue Lagoon Iceland

Stayed at the Clinic so that we can access the lagoon at night and most importantly, the Clinic offered indoor access to the lagoon, from which you can slowly make your way to the outdoor open-air area while already submerged in the nice warm therapeutic waters.

The bottom of the lagoon has a very special white clay, which is unlike any other hot springs we have been to in the past.  We applied the clay on our faces and with the cool winter breeze on our faces, the experience is absolutely amazing!

(Editor’s note:  The Blue Lagoon Iceland is famous for is a geothermal Spa, located a 20-min drive from the airport. It is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland, and was also the pitstop of the 1st leg of the 6th season of The Amazing Race.)

The Great Geyser

Beyond Blue Lagoon Iceland the Great Geyser

We also visited the famous Great Geysir… Do you know that the origin of the word “geyser” actually came from Iceland?

I have read somewhere that Iceland is going to start charging visitors who visit the Great Geysir soon, so hurry and pack your bags now…  Our kids thoroughly enjoyed the anticipation of the water rising, which was simply unpredictable… You never know if the next spray was going to be a big one or tiny one.. :)


Gullfalls, another attraction besides Blue Lagoon Iceland
Gullfoss (or “Golden Falls”) is one of the many beautiful waterfalls around Iceland.  This waterfall is a very touristy place but nevertheless well worth the visit!  It is very family friendly unlike Dettifoss which requires an hour of trekking, at least.

Dettifoss in Iceland

Dettifoss Hiking Trail Iceland
We also tried to hike to Dettifoss but failed… with no proper walking equipment and waist deep snow at times, only my hubby managed to trek all the way…. It was also apparently quite dangerous. My husband said part of the trail disappeared (marked by red flags) in the snow and he wasn’t sure if he was stepping on solid ground or just plain snow.. When he got to the falls, he said if you lose your balance due to the wind, you could easily fall over the cliffs… By the way, we are not sure why but during the 3 hours we were on the trail, we were the only people there… maybe we were not even supposed to go there? ;P

Dettifoss-Trek iceland
Not sure where the above photo was taken, somewhere along the Dettifloss hike, but there were loads and loads of soft, fluffy snow! Our kids had lots of fun here… perfect place for little snow angels…

Step on a Glacier

Glacier iceland
How can we visit Iceland without walking on a Glacier?

The children didn’t really appreciate this though… my kids were saying its like a giant piece of ICE, that’s all… Due to the unbearable wind blowing them off balance, they kept asking to go back to the car… Word of caution : It’s really really windy in Iceland… People told us to hold on to our car doors when opening them as apparently there were cases of the doors flying away and that is NOT covered by insurance…

Dining in Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland and more - dining with kids

Icelandic Food at a nice cosy family restaurant… cannot remember where we had this meal but I remembered it was the only decent place in the town that we stayed at for that night. Food was a little too rich (very salty) for our Asian taste buds and it was back to rice and noodles for the rest of the trip.

On this Iceland Road Trip, our daily affair was visiting supermarkets and getting the best bargains for our home-cooked “Chinese-style” dinner. We brought along a rice cooker for the trip.  Lunch was typically packed while on the road.

Tip : We always use Trip Advisor to tell us where the best restaurants were when we travel… this restaurant we splurged at had the best ratings… I recalled we spent about SGD200 for this meal..

More than just the Blue Lagoon Iceland, lots of lovely sights to take in

Driving in Iceland in winter is really not easy due to the ever changing Iceland weather during the same day! It could turn from bright and sunny, to rain and snow and to this endless cloudy blue within a few hours… Unless you are a seasoned driver, I wouldn’t suggest a free and easy trip in Winter.

Don’t forget to try the world famous Icelandic hotdog before you leave the country… We had as many as we could… really the best hotdog we have ever tasted!

Do you know: the population in Iceland is only about 300-400k and mostly at the capital? So away from the capital and popular sights like the Blue Lagoon Iceland was sparsely populated…

Editor’s note:  Iceland Ring Road is a national road that runs around the island and connects most of the inhabited parts of the country. Some of it’s most popular attractions, such as Gullfoss and the Blue Lagoon, are on or near the Ring Road.  The total length of the road is 1,332 kilometres. An example of a classic 10-day itinerary can be found here

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31 Comments on “Blue Lagoon Iceland & More on our Road Trip

  1. Looks like you had a great time. I loved all your pictures, especially the of the Gullfoss. Its so beautiful! I would love one day to be able to travel there.

    Kayla || The Little Lady

  2. Wow,the view is just awesome and you just provided some great images here. You had a nice trip I think.

  3. The important thing I learned about Iceland is her blue lagoon and Great Geysir. This natural phenomenon, Great Geysir works wonder for it spews what’s that “steam” or “water”?

  4. I’m going Iceland in September and can’t wait. We are doing all the things you’ve done. I can’t wait to go to The Blue Lagoon and drive around Iceland.

  5. Thanks for the virtual tour of Iceland. you got good photos specially that of Gullfoss (or “Golden Falls”), wish I can visit the place someday.

  6. looks like you have an awesome time! the photographs are so beautiful! but with all the ice and snow, it must have been really cold….

  7. I bet you had a wonderful time. I enjoyed looking at the photos. Makes me wish I’m in Iceland, too.

  8. Sounds like you really had a great time! :) Anyway, I haven’t thought about visiting Iceland, but your post definitely convinced me to go there! Love all the photos! <3

  9. I’ve never been to Iceland and would love to visit. I’m sure by the time I go they just might be charging but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  10. Seems like you had an awesome road trip in Iceland, too bad about the too salty for our taste buds food though. I heard they closed down the last McDonald’s there back in 2009, so I’m curious if they’re famous hotdog is a healthy one! I’d love to visit one day just to feel how cold it is there.

  11. Awwww… I really jealous of you and your family. Hope one day I can go to these places together with my family too.

  12. Beautiful place with so much force of nature in it. I want to visit this place in the future for sure. Flying car doors notwithstanding!

  13. It is so mesmerizing!! Fall in love with this place and my son really really keen to visit this place. Your points mentioned here are really helpful! Hotdog looks nice but what about normal meals is it easy to get it.

  14. Amazing. adding it to my bucket list! The photos are awesome too, I wonder how u manage to take such great pics in the cold..

  15. i am absolutely jealous! ive always wanted to visit iceland and see the northern stars. one day i will go

  16. I’m still planning for a winter trip in the future ( not a priority, but it’s in the works ) because I want to have postcard-perfect photos like yours! I’ve not had plans to go to Iceland but after reading your post, it is now in my list of places to see .. it will be quite an adventure because winter isn’t exactly Russ-friendly but I’m certain it’s all going to be worth the trip. I’m sure this was such an awesome experience for you.

  17. The Gullfoss / Golden Falls, this is one of the best and also serves as the motivation to travel to Iceland soon.

  18. Just by looking at your photos, it’s already breathtaking! What more would it be in person. I would love to get here someday but I gotta prepare myself (physically & financially) first. Hehe!

  19. Lucky you! Looks like I’m going to save this on my bucket list. I wonder how many population in this beautiful place.

    • Hi all,

      Thanks for the wonderful comments. We really did enjoy our trip and it will be forever embedded in our memories. There were also many Hollywood movies filmed in Iceland like the “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, “Tomb Raider”, “Die Another Day” and more recently “Noah” and “Interstellar”.

      To answer some of your questions:-

      The geyser was spouting hot water as there is lots of thermal activity underground. You can see smoke/steam rising from the ground beside the trail as you are getting to the water spouts.

      Blue lagoon is absolutely amazing and unique because of the white clay like substance that lies at the bottom of the lagoon.. Nice and squishy like a padded marshmallow cushion when you are moving around the lagoon. It also gives the blue lagoon its beautiful light blue colour which makes you wanna jump into it straightaway even when its cold…

      Weather wise, as we arrived in November, it wasn’t that cold yet. Temperatures was around 0 deg celcius and I think the coldest was probably around -5 deg. So it was quite ok and my kids were happy and running around….

      The Icelandic hotdog had different types of crunchy sprinkles on it which we couldn’t figure out what it was.. The overall texture of the bun, the hotdog and the sauce was just perfect!

      Honestly, its not easy to get “normal” meals. If you go to the touristy places, there will be cafes with your typical takeaway sandwiches and coffee. Restaurants can only be found in larger cities so I would highly recommend bringing your own “cooker”. I brought my own mini cooker which really came in handy for my “3-I-need-hot-food-kids” (including my husband ;p) We just bought fresh produce every day and usually we would pick accommodation with kitchenette so we could cook our own dinners and also prepare lunch in the morning. We would hop on our car to our next destination and find a nice scenic place to stop and enjoy our delicious hot lunch when we were hungry!

      Last but not least, the population in Iceland is only around 330,000 and mostly in the capital! As we understood, there are also no armies, navy or air force for that matter. I guess its also why its chosen as the “spiritual retreats” for many groups because its the perfect place to be in touch with nature!

      Hope you guys will be able to enjoy Iceland as much as we did!

  20. Wow, what beautiful pictures.

    Iceland is somewhere where I really want to go, especially the Blue Lagoon!

    Laura x

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