Penang Street Arts

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia

I last visited Penang when i was very young. Agar agar more than 30+ yrs ago… We decided to plan a trip there, for the food and to check out how the place had changed. And boy, what a change!

Penang street art is now everywhere in Georgetown!

Impressive iron wrought wall sculptures, very nicely done.

These sculptures tell of the history of Penang’s Georgetown…

…giving little snippets of information about how the roads were named, how life had been like in the town in the olden days, the history of the place and its people, how they used to lived their lives.

There are also wall paintings.

Everywhere – over old walkways, above houses.

Some are even “3D” – this one with the old motorcycle for example.

These Penang Street Art pieces are very nice photo backdrop.

We also visited the Made in Penang Interactive Museum. My son and I, taking a kopi break here.

Editor’s note: One of Penang’s latest attractions recently opened in late 2013, Made in Penang Interactive Museum offers visitors to Penang an additional place not only to pose with street art, but also to learn more about the city’s history. The museum is located at No.3 Pengkalan Weld, Georgetown, Penang Island 10300. Entrance fees apply. Mykad holders: RM15 for adult, RM10 for kids, students and seniors (60 & above). For foreigner: RM30 for adult, RM15 for kids, students and seniors. Information correct as of September 2014.

Of course we did not forget the food – nice and cheap, dining in Penang.  From top left, clockwise: Penang Har Mee, Penang Char Kway Tiao, Penang Rojak and Orh Luak.

Editor’s note:  Fishso shared more of his fave eats in Penang with us in our round up of families’ favourite food destinations in Malaysia.  Hope here for a read. 

It was not durian season when we were there in September, but we still found this. Now I think I want to go for another short trip soon. Durian season is from Jun to July…

The Penang trip is enjoyable although it is hot in the day. Nice and cheap food. Worth bringing the family there (we flew with TigerAir) to check out the Penang street arts Georgetown had become quite famous for.  Quite fun but tiring from all the walking!

4 Comments on “Penang Street Arts

  1. I have been there. But street arts always getting more and more. Will check the latest one during this coming weekend. Will be having a short trip there. =D

  2. There are some street art pieces that are either new or that we simple missed when we were there. I love Penang and I’d have some of that durian too :)

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