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Location: Taiwan

Editor’s note:  Yudit enjoyed a family trip to Taiwan in Dec 2014.  The hospitality he enjoyed with their 3 drivers in Taiwan left a deep impression, and he shares with us a review of their services.  If you are looking for drivers in Taiwan and want an option to consider, read on. 


In December 2014, I did a family trip to Taiwan.  We visited multiple destinations, taking the trains on some occasion, and hiring a car with driver on others.

We don’t speak Mandarin, and felt we were lucky we managed to hire some nice drivers to bring us around.

We engaged three drivers in total, 2 of them speak decent English.  As our drivers are all really honest and helpful, bringing us to many lovely places which we don’t think we could have found by ourselves…  As a token of appreciation I’d like to share their contacts with more people.

1. Mr. Charlce – Our driver for a day in Taipei

3 driver in taiwan mr charlce

Phone: +886 972383138, +886 981493455

Mr. Charlce was my favourite. He’s a very caring person, which is important factor for travellers with kids. The kind driver brought us to some top and super cheap place for good local food – this place is impossible place for tourists like us to find, and we appreciate it!

His English is decent enough for us to communicate well with him, though not super fluent. Another plus is that he respond to emails promptly. Because of his caring nature and willingness to help and entertain us, I would give him rating of 9/10. In fact, I still keep in touch with him now!

2. Mr. David Grace – Hualien-based driver

3 drivers in Taiwan-for-kids-david grace
Phone: +886 911896900

Mr. David is a very fluent English speak – his English is so good he sounds like a native speaker! He told us later that he took English as his major in University – no wonder, right?!

He drives a high seats van, which is great for our Taroko trip because you don’t want to miss the scenery.

He is a native from Hualien, so he knows all the secret spots that is impossible to visit as tourist without insider’s guide. These rock formation resembles some famous faces. Can you tell what face they are? 😉

We had a good day with Mr David. He was not so pleased when he found out that we’ve book another driver for our onward journey the following day as it turned out the other driver is his kind-of-competitor. :) But Mr David is very professional and generally a very chatty person and I’d still highly recommend him!

3. Mr. Le-Ti Ming – our driver from Hualien to Sun Moon Lake
3 drivers in Taiwan-mr-ming
Phone: +886 (0)937 980512 / : +886 (0)912 522118

Mr. Ming doesn’t speak English at all, so if you really need the driver to converse in English, he may not be the best choice. Still his body language is easily understandable.  Mr Ming is also a very careful and gentle uncle.

hualien-kidsonboard 3 drivers in taiwan

Despite the communication difficulty, Mr Ming is willing to try to explain, and to show us the best views.  This photo above is a from a secret view-point that Mr Ming drove us to, on our way to Sun Moon Lake.

Mr. Ming is Ms. Tiffany’s husband – she is more popular on the internet, and the email address I shared is hers too.

Overall we had a great time in Taiwan.  If you are making an enquiry with any of the three drivers in Taiwan I’d wish to recommend above, do mention that you were recommended by Yudit from Singapore – they promised me that they will give my friends good treatment too!

Editor’s note:  A good, kind Driver and Guide can make a big difference during a family holiday.  Have you come across any during your vacation that YOU would recommend to other families or friends?  Share with us your thoughts in the comments, or drop us a review here.   We’d love to hear from you!  


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