Sapporo Festival – Hokkaido Shrine Festival

Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Editor’s note: Pssst… Do you know Hokkaido’s not just for snow and wintry fun? :) BumbleBeeMum (of popular blog loves Japan and have been there countless times with her kids, experiencing different seasons and the country’s many facets.  She shares with us a unique experience at a Sapporo Festival, the Hokkaido Shrine Festival.  Held annually in June, her food pics from the festival had us drooling!

Every year from 14 to 16 June, the Sapporo Festival (also known as Hokkaido Shrine Festival) is held in Sapporo.  Festivals stalls are set up at Nakajima Koen and Hokkaido Shrine during this time.

Sapporo-Festival with bumblebeemum
One of my favourite part of visiting Japanese festivals is the food from these festival stalls!

Sapporo-Festival with bumblebee mum
Check out the marbling of the beef skewers! I could smell it from a mile away!

Kids will get a sugar rush at the festival if you are not careful!  There are many stalls selling sweet stuff like candy floss…

Sapporo-Festival with bumblebeemum
…and chocolate coated bananas.

My kids joined the locals, and sat down next to the stream at Nakajima Koen to enjoy their food.

Among the festival stalls, you will also find many game stalls.

At a Japanese festival, you just have to try your hand at this traditional Japanese fish-catching game!  The aim was to scoop the fishes up using a paper net – as many as possible.

The highlight of the festival is on the last day, 16 June.  On that day, there will be a parade that passes through the city of Sapporo.  The parade starts from Hokkaido shrine.

From Hokkaido Shrine, the parade passes through the whole city centre of Sapporo.  It is a whole day event, starting from 9am to about 4pm, and a sight not to be missed.   For more details of the festival and map of the parade route, check out this post on my blog –

Editor’s note:  Local festivals offer a glimpse into the culture and traditional way of life of a people.  Ling Tan shared with us a festival in Italy that captivated her family in a previous post here.  Have you been to any local festival that left a deep impression too?  Leave us a comment below, or share your experience with us here – we’d love to hear from you.


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