Says the Local: What to eat in Bangkok – not just about Thai Food!

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Editor’s note: Eddie, a Singaporean-born Malaysian, grew up, studied, worked and got married in Singapore before moving to Bangkok in 2009.  His blog, Stranger in Bangkok, started off as a platform for him to update friends and family back home in Singapore and Malaysia, about life in Thailand from an outsider’s – but not tourists’s – perspective. Eddie considers himself a father first and foremost, and his blog offers a bit of everything – from travel, to parenting and food, all the while focusing on writing about life in Thailand.

We persuaded him to share with us some insider’s tips on visiting Bangkok. The foodie that he is, Eddie decided to share with us his thoughts on what to eat in Bangkok – and it’s not just Thai food he’s dishing up! We promise you, item 4 on his list will probably delight your little ones 😉

What to eat in Bangkok: 5 of my faves

What to eat in Bangkok

Having lived in Thailand for 6 years, dining in Bangkok, to me, is more than just Thai food. Even Thai food has escalated above well-known dishes like Tom Yum Soup or Pad Thai. If you come here frequently, you will realize that the culinary scene in Bangkok might be more colourful than any other place you might have been to. The variety here is amazing. Between throngs of Thai street food, you can find the heartiest pizzas that taste more authentic than those you can find in touristy Venice, or even otherwise inaccessible cuisines like Cuban, Ethiopian or Peruvian.  Therefore, if you solely restrict yourself to Thai food, you might be missing something. So here comes my 5 restaurants to try in Bangkok, specially hand-picked for you, hopefully with a good mix of cuisines and food-types that will whet your appetite.

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What to Eat in Bangkok 1:  Delicious Fish Maw Soup

Where:  Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant

If fish maw/shark’s fins soup is what you constantly look for on your trips to Bangkok, then look no further than Ping’s.

What to eat in Bangkok - Ping's Seafood

With 3 branches located in downtown Bangkok (Asoke, Surawong and Pathumwan Princess Hotel connected to MBK), you have no excuse not to give Ping’s a go. It’s to me, hands-down, the tastiest fish maw soup in Bangkok, and I am not kidding you when I say that there is no MSG and hardly any starch in the broth too. They also have an array of standard Teochew-style seafood dishes that focus on premium-quality ingredients. If you are tired of the static one-way traffic down at Yaowarat, this is the restaurant for you.

What to Eat in Bangkok 2:  Pastries So Good!

Where: Kanom Fashion Bakery

If I tell you there are Portuguese Egg Tarts in Bangkok that taste more unforgettable than those I ate in Macau, would you believe me?

what to eat in bangkok - yummy pastries at Kamon

You have to try them for yourselves as they are available at all of Kanom’s branches across the city.

what to eat in Bangkok


To savour their delicious dough fritters, which I personally think is a star here, I would recommend that you have a trip to their branch at Sukhumvit 49. Served in sets of 5, crispy on the outside, fluffy and slightly sweet on the inside and meant to eat with custard, please make sure you go with a hungry friend or two as you need to leave some space for their other dishes.

Because aside from their delicious sweet treats, Kanom serves up yummy savoury dishes too.  I highly recommend their fried kway teow, which is easily one of the best in Bangkok at that price range.

What to Eat in Bangkok 3:  Authentic Hong Kong Wanton Noodles

Where:  Gokfayuen

Much has been said about Thai-style wanton noodles.  Stalls are even starting to sprout in Singapore hawker centres, and I am sure frequent flyers to Bangkok would have tried them.

What to Eat in Bangkok - Hong Kong Wanton Mee

Gokfayuen, on the other hand, is open by a Hong Kong native, Donald, who is trying to bring authentic Hong Kong wanton noodles to Bangkok. To capture the spirit of the traditional wanton noodle which is getting increasingly hard to find even in Hong Kong, everything at Gokfayuen is made in-house, from the noodles, to the roast pork, down to dried halibut required for the soup base.  Situated conveniently at Thong Lor, I feel it’s worth a visit, especially at 79THB per serving.

What to eat in Bangkok 4: Creative, Contemporary Thai Desserts

Where:  Itim Lamoon

One of the most exciting dessert shop openings for me in recent years is Itim Lamoon, simply because they have successfully taken traditional Thai desserts to the next level.

what to eat in Bangkok - Itim Lamoon seres create update on Thai desserts

The delicious creations here encapsulate familiar, signature Thai flavours.  Carefully crafted into premium, home-made ice-cream, packaged and delivered in a fun, yet nostalgic way for customers, Itim Lamoon takes my vote for an authentic Thai experience.  My favourite flavours include Thai Iced Tea, Young Coconut and Yakult Jelly.  However, it might be choices like the Red Bull sorbet, or Rum and Raisin (made with the famous local Sangsom rum) ice cream that might take your imagination to the moon. Currently, their most accessible location for tourists will be their stall at Tha Maharaj, a new community mall by the Chao Phraya River.  I had the opportunity to catch up with Moo, the owner of Itim Lamoon and you can read about his inspiration behind the creations here.

What to Eat in Bangkok 5:  My Favourite Thai-Chinese cuisine

Where:  Saen Aroy Pochana

At the end of this post, please allow me to mention my favourite Thai restaurant of all:  Saen Aroy Pochana.

What to eat in Bangkok - Thai Chinese cuisine at Saen Aroi

Saen Aroy Pochana is not too accessible to tourists, but it is definitely well worth the effort. I have brought countless visitors there and few have left without saying they want to go again.

This simple eatery serves authentic Thai-Chinese cuisine.  Must-orders here include their chicken marinated in chinese wine, fried shrimp rolls (which taste of nothing but fresh shrimp) and their steamed sea bass with lemon (they only use live sea bass). The easiest way to get there is to take the skytrain to Udomsuk Station and take a short taxi ride to Udomsuk Soi 49. If you are adventurous enough to make the trip, I can assure you that it will an effort most worthwhile. After your meal, you can just walk down the block to enjoy the nicest Thai The Tarik at the Naihua Chachuk Café. This, to me, is the killer combination of what to eat in Bangkok.

More on Saen Aroy Pochana and some of our favourite dishes to order in my review:

And there you go – some of my best finds and favourite eats in Bangkok.  If you are headed to Bangkok, do give them a try, and discover a world of Bangkok dining beyond plates of Phad Thai and Green Curries!

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18 Comments on “Says the Local: What to eat in Bangkok – not just about Thai Food!

  1. i didn’t eat at any of these places! but then again it was because i was so busy pet cafe hopping when i was in bkk. hahaha! guess i have to bookmark this page for my next bkk trip! the yakult jelly sounds like a must-try for me.

    • Pet cafe hopping! Wow. Are you interested in rabbits? If you are there is a Rabbit Cafe along Sukhimvit 101/1. It’s a little out of the way as the street is between Punnawithi and Udomsuk BTS stations, but if you make it all the way here, you are just in the right spot to have a meal at Saen Aroy (number 5 on the list above).

  2. The desserts in Thailand are surprising good and reasonable price too. Overall I love Bangkok and have been there many times but never get bored.

    • True that. Aside of being a little too sweet on the whole because of the preferences of locals, desserts here are of really good quality.

  3. Great list, although mine would go like this:

    What to eat in Bangkok: EVERYTHING.

    My favorites are Tom yum, pad thai (of course), papaya salad, the spiciest curry, and mango sticky rice!

  4. Ooooh, food recommendations! The Thai-style noodles looks mouth-watering! Are those dumplings in the bowl! What a hearty meal that would be!

  5. Noodles and dessert! Those two are just the best although I haven’t tried an authentic one because I haven’t been out of the country even once.

  6. We will be visiting Bangkok in December. We will see if we can actually try some of these recommendations. Will take note of these.

  7. I just ate. Now I’m hungry again. food bloggers really make me crave so much. I’ll include this in my travel list. I’ll make sure to try it when I travel to Bangkok. hehe

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