A Stroll thru Lamma Island

Location: Lamma Island, Hong Kong

With two days for sightseeing, KK Tan spent a day strolling thru Lamma Island with his baby, to explore a quieter, rural side of Hong Kong. 

This was baby’s first trip to Hong Kong. We were there for a friend’s wedding, but decided that we wanted to venture out of the city with baby. Read online that the Lamma Island’s family trail is a fairly easy walk, so we thought a stroll thru Lamma Island might be the perfect way to spend a Saturday away from the crowded city.

So we set off around 10am from Hong Kong’s Central Pier 4 (located opposite the IFC Mall). The ferry runs regularly, and here’s a link for the ferry schedule.

Rows of bikes greeted us at the pier as we disembarked at Yung Shue Wan, one of two main villages on the island.

We arrived at Yung Shue Wan village after an easy 30-minute ride. We thought we’d be leaving the crowds behind, but as it was a Saturday, the village was bustling with city dwellers all looking to escape the busy city. Oh well!  At least, the air here is greener and fresher still.

This was taken along the “main street” of the village – see the throngs behind us! There are many interesting shops in the village, selling dried seafood product, tidbits, handicrafts etc. The missus enjoyed browsing around.  The town still retains that laid-back village vibe. We had lunch at a quaint coffee shop before setting off for the main event …

The Hike!

For the family trail, we were suppose to follow the signs that lead to Sok Kwu Wan.

We decided to make a detour to the Lamma Winds Power station – all the official Lamma Island brochures we’ve seen feature the windmill…

… So here’s my take on it!

The path leading to Lamma Winds (not part of the recommended family trail, but really just a short walk off) is a steep, tarred road, smooth enough so that we can push the baby stroller quite comfortably along.

For the shot, I thought the detour was well worth the time.

Quite a bit further along the family trail itself though, there were sections (after the beach) which were very steep and had cobbled stone paths – that had us huffing and puffing quite a fair bit, as it was difficult to push the stroller along. A baby carrier might have been a better choice!

It was suppose to be an easy 2-hour hike. However we took regular breaks, stopping for bean curd jelly at a bean curd store, and played at Hung Shing Ye beach (which was very popular with local and expat kids) as well.

The family trail, around 4km in total, links Lamma Island’s two main villages – Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan.  It is mostly paved, and cuts through the hills – hence the slopes!

The scenery along the trail was marvelous…

… so we stopped often, to soak in the views.

And to rest our legs.

And yes, to tend to baby too. See that wet patch on his jumper? Time for a change!

A view of Sok Kwu Wan, our destination.

Just around dinner time, we finally reached Sok Kwu Wan.  One last break on the beach, on a little stretch of sand just before Tin Hau Temple.

Sok Kwu Wan is known for its many seafood restaurants – a whole row of them, facing the pier. We’d done our research prior and zoomed into Rainbow Seafood for our dinner. A bit disappointed there, it wasn’t great and yes, we’ve had better.

But, the sunset was beautiful, and it was nice to sit by the sea and soak in the views after all that strenuous walking (and pushing).

After dinner, we headed to the pier at Sok Kwu Wan for the 40-min ferry ride back to Central Pier.

All in all, a good day out for the little one.


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17 Comments on “A Stroll thru Lamma Island

  1. Trekking with a baby is such an admiring act! Anyway, the view from the top is just worth all the effort.

  2. Sounds like fun. It looked a bit challenging, but it certainly looked fun. I loved looking at your photos.

  3. I have not really seen pictures of this HK island till now. Looks rustic and laidback compared to the HK we all know. A place for busy stressed HK people to unwind, I guess.

  4. It is really good to travel with family, you have a great bonding and it is more safer to have it done if you have the things with you all the way. The place is great and I love it!

  5. So beautiful. Have always heard about Lama Islang when watching TVB Hong Kong drama but never know this place is so relaxing.

  6. I haven’t been to Lamma Island in my numerous visit to HK. I’m always game for a hike so I’ll definitely visit this place when I am in HK again.

  7. It’s still as pretty as I remember it to be! I’ve been there several times to walk or bike and remember dining afterwards and eating some seafood. The activity builds up one’s appetite!

  8. Yes I have been to Lamma Island in Hong Kong. That place is far more peaceful and serene than the city itself.

  9. Have seen Lamma Island when watching hong kong shows.. But have not visited yet even after travelling to HK several times :X

  10. What an amazing place to trek, I wasn’t even away HK had such a rural side. Made us want to visit all the more now!

  11. Sound like it was a lot of fun and I’d love to give their seafood restaurants a try. I love seafood but we don’t get it here where I live.

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