Review: Alpensia Ski Resort

Alpensia Ski Resort - our family photo at ocean 700

Establishment: Alpensia Ski Resort
Location: Pyeongchang, Korea

Editor’s note:  Hands up, those of us in the tropics always on the lookout for a snowy vacation as the year draws to a close!  For their first snowy vacation, Jonel checked her family into Alpensia Ski Resort, only a 3-hours commute from Seoul, South Korea.  They didn’t learn to ski, but Alpensia Ski Resort has lots to offer the vacationing family – read on!

Snowy Fun at Alpensia Ski Resort

As part of our 8-Day Seoul-Searching itinerary, we were booked for a 2-Day trip to Alpensia Ski Resort, located in the county of Pyeongchang.

The kiddos were really looking forward to this, as this was their first visit to a ski resort – they couldn’t wait to get their hands into the snow!

The Transfer from Seoul

After a night’s rest at our service apartment in Seoul, we woke to the cold winter morning and made our way to the coach stop in front of Lotte World. We were scheduled on the 9am shuttle service that would take us to Pyeongchang.

getting to alpensia ski resort from seoul

After a 3-hour journey, we finally reached our destination – Alpensia Ski Resort!


Our Apartment at Alpensia Ski Resort

We had chosen to stay at a Holiday Inn Suite.  Our entourage checked in and we were all quite pleased with our room for the nite. The apartments were spacious, and comes with a well equipped kitchen too.

alpensia ski resort korea with kids

There are a total of 7 blocks within Alpensia Ski Resort, or Alpensia Town. Besides Holiday Inn Suites, there were two other hotels, Intercontinental Resort and Holiday Inn Resort. There is even a convention centre onsite. Alpensia Ski Resort is self-contained, with numerous convenient stores, restaurants and shops dotting the town.

Decent Korean Cuisine at last!

We tucked into authentic Korean cuisine at one of the restaurants – it was much better than a disappointing, oily dinner we had the night earlier in Seoul.

alpensia ski resort authentic korean food

Alpensia Ocean 700

The Indoor & Outdoor Water theme park, Ocean 700, is housed within the Alpensia Ski Resort. Our families had planned to spend our afternoon here.

Alpensia Ski Resort - our family photo at ocean 700

A must-try ride was the Tornado – sorry, we have no photos though! There is a height limit of 1.2m , and I took it with my cousin and hubby – it was frightening cuz it went down so quickly! It was dark in the tube and I could feel myself sliding to the left and right while moving down.

Other than that, we also did the camelback slide, lazy pool, and outdoor jaccuzi, as well as my gals’ fav, the Aqua Play Pool (bottom right picture below) – it was an afternoon of wet and cheerful fun.Ocean 700 at Alpensia Ski Resort

Angel-in-Us is in Alpensia Ski Resort

All the water play made for hungry kids and we devoured waffles and brownies with ice cream at the cafe, Angel-in-us Coffee. The kids Loved It! The adults too :)

angel in us coffee at alpensia ski resort

Alpensia Ski & Snowboard Park

Finally we made our way to the Alpensia Ski & Snowboard Park, the highlight of our visit to Alpensia Ski Resort!

The kids were thrilled to bits, moulding snowballs and playing around the ski area. This was a good experience for the kiddos as this was their first encounter with snow.  My gals and hubby attempted making a giant snow man.

snowplay alpensia korea ski with kids

There was an extensive shop, Ski House, for ski equipment – you name it, they have it! Skis can be rented, and you can also buy everything else you need – gloves, goggles etc. We had wanted to try skiing at the slopes, but we had to catch the bus back to Seoul at 2pm on our second day… There was not enough time to get proper lessons and instructions, so my hubby and the kids had to drop the idea.  The kids still enjoyed playing with snow though!

ski and snowboard alpensia with kids

The kids consoled themselves with the outdoor playground after playing with the snow.

outdoor playground alpensia

All in all, it was a wonderful first experience. We did not accurately gauge the time required to fully enjoy the resort, and had spent just a bit too much time having fun at Ocean 700. We’d certainly would have wanted to try skiing in South Korea, so perhaps, we’d be back!

Editor’s Note:  Thanks, Jonel Ho, for sharing your experience in Alpensia Ski Resort with us.  The ski resort offers six slopes, with the longest run at 1.4km. There is an area exclusively reserved for snowboarders, and another run for snow sledding.  Ski instructors are on-hand to provide instruction to novice and advance learners.  Alpensia Ski Resort would be hosting the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.   Do visit their website for more information.

13 Comments on “Review: Alpensia Ski Resort

    • Yes, the utensils such as pots, kettle, plates etc are provided. There are 2 convenience stores within the resort where you can purchase food items.

  1. Hi! Did you go in December? Is the weather there bearable? even though I had booked the air tixs and hotels from dec 20 onwards, I am still hesitant…I am afraid my kids aged 5/7/9 cannot take the cold

    • Hi Hazel,

      I went there early December and the temp was around 0 – 6 °C. The weather was still bearable but i will advise you to dress your kids in layers (good thermal wears must) so they can shed the down jacket when they go indoor.

      It’s good to bring along scarf, hat, gloves so they wouldn’t lose the body heat. It’s important to moisturise!! My gal’s skin got so dry that her cheeks turned pink/reddish. Lip balm is also a must.

      You don’t necessarily need to buy boot. Put thick socks and sport shoes. But the shoes must be waterproof as you may walk on snow or it may rain. The inside of the shoes must stay dry.

      Lastly, jab the whole family with the latest flu jab. U don’t wanna let a flu to spoil your holiday.

      Have fun in Korea!

  2. May I know how you arrange for the transportation to the resort and also do we need to book the rental package for the ski (does it include boots, gloves, ski suit etc)?

  3. Hi TK,

    A Korean associate helped us with the booking of the transportation from Seoul to Alpensia, As for the rental of the ski items, you can just rent from the counter before your ski. No need to pre-book.

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  6. Hi,

    Do you mind to share your itinerary to me? I intend to do f&e to korea with kids and is my first time. I was thinking whether to follow tour or f&e.



  7. Hi, I’ve booked a Holiday Inn Suite at Alpensia from 2-5Dec 2015. It would be the first winter vacation for my pre-schoolers. Will there be snow there by then? Thank you.

  8. Hi! I was so happy that I came across your blog here and I really find it very useful. Good job! As you mentioned, waterproof shoes is required in case of snow and rain. Are waterproof track pants needed when playing with snow or skiing? or It is doesn’t matter?

    Tks in advance:)

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