Day Trip: Bali Cycling Tour

Bali cycling tour with kids

Establishment: Banyan Tree Bike Tours
Location: Bali, Indonesia

Editor’s note:  Lia’s adventurous family, her lil 5yo year included, explored Bali’s countryside on two wheels on a holiday, riding through the paid fields and visiting little villages and temples along the way.  Read about her Bali Cycling Tour in this travel tale and be inspired to do than just bum by the beach on your next Bali holiday! 

Our family loves Bali. There’s so many things we could do together there, and the kids never tires of visiting.

During our trip in September 2013, we decided to take a cycling trip through the Balinese villages.  This tour, we booked with Banyan Tree Bike Tours. It was overall very well organised.

bali with the kids cycling tour

Banyan Tree Bike Tours picked us up at 6.45 am from the Nusa Dua area, where we were staying.  We started the day with breakfast while overlooking Mt Batukaru.  After breakfast, we were driven away from the busy roads to start our Bali cycling tour, along the quiet back roads of The Balinese villages.

This trip took us from Sandakan to Ubud.  We ride on local roads, with paddy fields and local villages around us.   Banyan Tree Bike Tours can modify the itinerary for your group, so you can choose to ride along more paddy fields, for example.  For little Kayla, who’s not yet learnt to ride a bike, they have a tandem mountain bike so she could “ride” with us.  And for Arya, they also have size-appropriate children bikes too.

Bali cycling tour with kids

We were not completely well-prepared for the 22km ride! At first Kayla was riding with me.  It was mostly ok with flat terrain, but there was a stretch where the road was going uphill…so at one point, it was quite tough and I almost fainted!  Hahah!  Our guide took over riding with Kayla then, while I took the car and rested for a while before continuing with the ride.  Banyan Tree Bike Tour has support vehicle following behind the group just for situations like that – if you are tired, just hop onto the car and catch your breath!

The riding itself was maybe about 3 hours long,  and we took many stops along the way.  We stopped at a local house, ride along paddy fields, and visited a temple.  My kids managed the ride well, though at one point they were exhausted as well, because it was just too hot!  Arya was awesome – he finished the whole track on his own, and was happy riding through the paddy fields.  We are so proud of him.  At one point, my city boy came across a dead rat, and was soooooo shocked – hahahah!

kidsonboard paddy field

We ended the ride at a traditional Balinese House, where we had a nice Balinese lunch.  By the time we were dropped back at our hotel, it was around 4pm.

Lovely scenery through the paddy fields, yummy food, great logistic support along the 22km route.   It was a good Bali day tour and we’d very much recommend it!

Editor’s note:  Do you have a day trip you’d recommend for Bali too?  Leave us a comment or share a photo essay of your trip with us – we’d love to hear from you too.  


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  1. Thank you for sharing this on Travel Tuesday Link-Up.

    Cycling sounds like a great way to explore a place! Recently I’ve been reading all these fab ideas of exploring cities, be it by bicycles or segways. Makes me wonder ‘Why didn’t I think of this before??’ and spent so much of my time walking and walking in the past.

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