Of Camping and Farm Tours at Farm Chokchai Khao Yai

Establishment: Farm Chokchai Khao Yai
Location: Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Address: http://www.farmchokchai.com/en/index.html

Editor’s note:  Ee Sze’s family enjoy vacationing in Thailand.  Beyond Bangkok and the usual beach resorts, the family had ventured on road trips into various provinces around the nation’s capital.  Here Ee Sze shares with us her review of a little gem, the Farm Chokchai Khao Yai, located in Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima district – camping in the “wild’ here certainly looks comfy!

Our Visits to Farm Chokchai Khao Yai

My family first visited Farm ChokChai on a day trip one hot summer day in June 2014.

Farm Chokchai.JPG

We didn’t plan thoroughly for that first visit. Only when we were there, did we realize there were so much to cover in that area! We loved it and the kids enjoyed themselves so much, we had to return again. And we did, in December the same year!

Farm Chokchai is a working cattle farm and they produce the brand Umm!.. Milk.

Visiting Farm Chokchai Khao Yai with kids

The resort is self contained and very well managed. We discovered during the first trip that there is a boutique camp onsite – that went straight onto my bucket list. Besides a farm tour, Farm Chokchai also offer a petting zoo, farm shows and other farm activities.

The Farm Chokchai Khao Yai Farm Tour

We went on the farm tour during both our visits.  Although mostly presented in Thai, the farm tour was thoroughly enjoyable.   It started with a video presentation of the history of the farm and its founder, Mr Chok Chai. Before entering the farm, visitors must first be sanitized.

Farm Tour at Farm Chokchai Khao Yai with the kids

They showed us the machinery that managed the mechanical milking process of the cattle. Visitors are welcomed to try and milk the cows too. Then we boarded a modified farm tractor, which took us around to visit the rest of the farm.


There was Thai commentary along the way, explaining about the farm, and various vegetation and animals as we went by.

Along the tour, there was a station where visitors can stop to play games…


…ride on horses or horse cart rides, and even ATV rides.


These are chargeable extras – but provide good fun too.

The farm tours are conducted at scheduled timing, so check the schedule online.  Visitors are not allowed to roam around the farm unescorted.  Each tour takes about two hours.

Farm Shows at Farm Chokchai Khao Yai

Farm Chokchai puts up two farm shows, both are interesting and entertaining.

There was a cowboy show…


…and also a pet show featuring cats, birds and dogs.

Farm Chokchai Khao Yai with the kids .JPG

That was a very clever poodle performing tricks!

The Petting Zoo


Chokchai Farm has a very well-managed, clean petting zoo, in the area next to the pet show. My kids enjoyed feeding the bunnies and bottle-feeding baby calves.

The Farm Chokchai Khao Yai Boutique Farming Experience

We had our hearts set on a farmstay at the boutique farm during the December visit.  After the farm tour we headed over to the boutique camp site for our overnight stay.


The campsite was well-equipped, even has its own first aid tent. The surroundings were peaceful and quiet. There’s no planned activity at the camp site, only fish feeding and cycling. There’s no TV too, though there is wifi at camp. It’s really set up for family bonding and relaxing, while enjoying nature.


The interior of the tent was clean.  We were provided bathrobes, toiletries, drinking water and Umm!.. Milk too.

The one setback of planning for this trip was the booking for this camp. Maybe it’s due to the language barrier, but I received no replies from Farm Chokchai at all when I tried to book direct. In the end I secured our booking through www.atsiam.com

Nonetheless our stay at the Chokchai Boutique camp was an excellent experience.  Great bonding time for the family, and all for about SGD100 per night, breakfast inclusvie.

From what I understand, Chokchai can provide a campfire experience too, but only to a large group, of 30 pax and above, and with advanced booking.


A word about their toilets! It was impressively clean – better than many places in Singapore! At the camp it is shared bathing facilities.

Dining and Snacking at Farm Chokchai Khao Yai

Not to be missed: the steak from the Chokchai Steakhouse.


We had dinner there during our stay in December and it was very good.


Also, you must try their ice cream, made from farm-fresh milk. Creamy, delicious goodness.

We missed the ice cream making workshop though, which needed to be booked in advance too.

Tips for a good trip to Farm Chokchai Khao Yai:

  1. If you can, I’d recommend visiting in December. June is really hot. In December the temperature in the early morning and at night is around 20c; a little chilly but nice. No mosquitoes too!
  2. Another reason to visit in December – the Sunflowers will be blooming. There were none when we visited in June.
  3. Just opposite the farm is the Suwon Sweet Corn farm, also open for visits. Pop in and enjoy the delicious sweet corn juice! You can easily spent 2 days 1 night in this area, Pak Chong, before heading further into the Khao Yai district.
  4. Language is a barrier – this place is set up for domestic travellers, the Thais. English is not as widely spoken. Give yourself time to confirm your bookings etc. As I mentioned, we had to book through a third party webite in the end.
  5. If we could do it again, we’d try to time our visit for an earlier farm tour, and sign up for the ice cream making workshop too, before heading to the campground.
  6. Getting there – we hired a driver for the duration of our 5-day road trip (including Suanpeng). It cost between SGD80 – SGD120 (excluding toll and fuel) per day depending on the distance covered and the itinerary for the day.  After Chokchai we headed further into the Khao Yai district to the Jim Thompson farm area – more on our discovery coming up!


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  3. Thank you for sharing this on Travel Tuesday. When you mentioned ‘camping’, I really didn’t expect such a nice toilet! And really? No mosquitoes? My kids are super prone of mosquito bites. When I was reading the first half of this post, I was already thinking, ‘This looks like something that I would need to whack a lot of mosquito repellent.’ Until I read to the end and you said no mosquitoes! Wow…

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  5. Hi, may I know the contact of the driver or company that you hire the car and driver from Bangkok to Khao Yai and Suan Phueng? Thanks a lot=)

  6. May I have the contact of the driver/company that you hired the car and driver from Bangkok to Khao Yai.
    Thank you.

  7. may I know the contact of the driver or company that you hire the car and driver from Bangkok to Khao Yai and Suan Phueng? I am going in June.. believe going to be very hot…

  8. Hi, we are planning for a 3 days 2 nights trip to Khao Yai, with my 2 girls. May I get the contact of the driver that you have engaged? Appreciate your advice. Thanks!

  9. Hi.
    I am also planning a family trip to Khao Yai.
    I’m having some difficulty finding a driver and English speaking guide for Khao yai.
    May I know where you found your driver from? Is it OK to share his contacts with me?

  10. hi hi can you share with me contact of the driver and how much you pay for the Khao Yai. I intend to bring my family to Hua Hin, Khao Yai and BKK. I travelling with my parent and kids coming this Dec.

    Thank a lot

    • Hi,

      I didn’t see the comments until now. I booked the driver through my Thai friend. He can’t converse in English at all. It’s about sgd120 (excluding petrol and toll fee) per day for trips outside BKK.

  11. Hello,
    Glad to read about your experience. Would appreciate if able to share the contact of the driver and how you get to source for driver for this whole journey please. Our family of 4 would like to go during this coming December and like to know if this driver is not available, how can i go about to find another driver please. Thank you so much in advance.

  12. Hi,

    Planning my trip from Bangkok to Khao Yai with my family & hope you could share the name and contact number of the driver that you engaged.

    Thanking you in advance.

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