Cool Runnings @ Bellville


Establishment: Tobogganing in Cape Town - Cool Runnings @ Bellville
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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Whoosh down the slopes of Bellville on a custom-made toboggan – no snow required!

South Africa, and especially Cape Town, isn’t known for its icy winters and it goes without saying that we don’t get to experience the wonderful winter sports that come with snowy mountains tops.

Until now! Enter Cool-Runnings tobogganing.

Cool-Runnings Cape Town is Africa’s first Downhill Tobogganing Track. Wondering how tobogganing can be possible in Cape Town? So were we! We went down to Cool-Runnings @ Bellville to get the low-down on this winter sport.

When you arrive at the Bellville Cool-Runnings’ the first thing that catches your eye is the distinct lack of snow or even ice. In its place is an intricate series of track steel tracks that seem to disappear up the never ending hills of Bellville.

The toboggans run up and down these steel tracks to provide a thrilling ride you won’t soon forget. Starting at the foot of the hill you, and your toboggan, are hauled up the mountain by re-enforced steel cables. This 5 minute calm before the storm is a great time to reflect on your impending hurtle down the slopes.


Once at the top, its ready set go! On the way down, with the wind in your hair and one hand on the gear lever and brake, there’s only one speed … high-speed! With a top speed of 40km per hour the 1.25 kilometre ride is over before you know, but luckily that means you can do it all over again.

A perfect outing for a cool winter’s day or sunny summer afternoon!

Cool Running is located off Carl Cronje Drive opposite the Bellville Velodrome – check their website for location and how to get there.

@ a glance ticketing information
Open Monday to Friday from 12pm to 6pm; Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.
R25 per ride for children (under 14 years); R30 per ride for adults
Unlimited day passes at R220 for children and R240 for adults;
Happy Hours Working Day Passes are available for week days (except holidays) at R85 per child and R100 per adult.



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