Day trip to HK Disneyland from Shenzhen


Establishment: Hong Kong Disneyland
Location: Hong Kong

I had my son with me on a business exploration trip to Shenzhen. It was to be a five-day trip, but we were done with my discussions within 3 days. That left my son and I with two R&R days.

So, we decided to check out Hong Kong Disneyland.

We were based in the Luo Hu Port district in Shenzhen.  My business partners had shown me the way to the main station (for bus, trains etc) a couple of days earlier; that was also where the Custom to Hong Kong is. Rather than pack and unpack again (we were really comfortable in the Shenzhen hotel, with my business partners’ office located in the same building), we decided to day trip it to HK Disneyland from Shenzhen

Here’s how we did it:

We left our hotel at 8am, and took the public bus (2 stops) to the Main Station. From there, we joined the crowd of mostly mainlanders to clear the Chinese customs.  There is a short covered bridge / walkway, which is about 100m long after that – just follow the crowd and you’d arrive at the Hong Kong Immigration easily.  We cleared the Hong Kong immigration, efficiently and quickly.  From there, Lou Hu MTR station is just around the corner.  It’s pretty well signed-posted and you just need to look out for it.

hong kong disneyland

We embarked on the hour-long train journey to Disneyland – the last connecting ride on the Disney-themed train, with the Mickey Mouse handles and windows,  had us grinning from ear to ear! ☺

By 10am, right at the opening hour, we arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland. We had so much fun that day.

hong kong disneyland

For leisure trips, our family usually travel on group tours, where there’s a always time constraint / limit at each attraction. That had been our preference all along – we prefer to leave the holiday planning to the experts.

Here, with nothing else planned and no one else to meet, my son and I were able to enjoy the theme park fully.

hong kong disneyland with kids

We tried all the rides, and went on our favourite at least four times.  That was the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, the shooting game where the aim was to collect as many points as possible. Each time we go back into the mission, my son and I will strategise how to work together to improve our score. I totally enjoyed working with my boy on our “missions”, and we laughed

There were a number of shows, and I think we caught all of them too. Stitch Encounter, the digital interactive show was so funny, we decided to watch it all the languages – Cantonese, Mandarin and English. There were subtle differences in the jokes, based on the audience mix, and the nuances of the language used, all funny – though our fave had to be the Cantonese version – not for nothing are the Cantonese known for their biting wit!

We ended our day at the park with the spectacular fireworks show, “Disney in the Stars”. I felt that if we had decided to visit Disneyland with a group tour, we might have left earlier and would have missed this magical show…  that was, for us, the highlight of the day.  It was really beautiful, certainly worth staying till 9pm to check out.

Hong kong disneyland with kids

We left the park happy, on a high. The return journey to our Shenzhen hotel took two hours, but we were able to get seats on the train ride back to the custom. My son was exhausted, and slept through most of the train journey.   ZY was 6 year old then, light for his age and I could still carry him – it was quite manageable getting him back to the hotel.

We got back to our room just past 11pm, tired, but so glad we decided to make the trip.

An enjoyable day, with memories I’d hold close to my heart for a long long time to come.


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ZY , 12 would like to add...

That was my first trip alone with Mommy. Hope for more to come.

24 Comments on “Day trip to HK Disneyland from Shenzhen

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  2. Embarrassing as it might be but I have to admit I have not yet moved on to this childhood fantasy of going to Disneyland for real. I wish upon a star that one day I should be there to have a photo opportunity with Mickey Mouse!

  3. This is a timely post because we are planning to visit HK in April next year. I’m sure my daughter will be thrilled to see in real life the princesses she’s imitating :)

  4. You guys are absolutely lucky you live in a place where Disneyland is so accessible. I wish I can go any time I want. Anyway, it looks like you guys had a great time. Awesome!

  5. We just visited Hong Kong Disneyland. My girl had a wonderful time too! I really salute you for not staying nearby, you must have slept like a baby back in Shenzhen too 😀

  6. I have never been to Disneyland before, planned on going to Florida at one time but didn’t really push through with it. HK is the closest one to our country! Hope I can at least bring the kids there one day, it looks like so much fun!

  7. I had only been in HK Disneyland once, Christmas time two years back. This was very memorable since we were one complete family with my parents and brother’s family. Good to know you can access it from Shenzhen.

  8. this makes me miss hk in general. i still haven’t been to the disneyland there

  9. What a fun trip to Disneyland! My son is 3 and we still have not brought him to this magic place. Your son is 6 and looks like he had so much fun and was able to ride everything. We might have to wait a little bit more then. I think you went at your son’s perfect age.

  10. Well I have not been to HK and is on our travel list from a long time.Hopefully will visit it soon. Disneyland is something which surely all kids want to enjoy.

  11. hahahahaa travelling is the only avenue for one to appreciate the geography of the world around him. you know watching the leaves as they fly backwards while you move forward (relative velocity) is so interesting to watch and you just keep praying the bus should not stop. thanks for sharing dear

  12. I always enjoy my time at Disney. The good part of Disney as the even adults get to bring out the child in them and enjoy the attraction.

  13. My wife had visited Hong Kong and she had a great experience at HK Disneyland. she even told me a day is not enough to see all the treats there.

  14. Great! Loved this we went the disney in Paris for New Year. Would love to visit the HK park one day. Precious memories for your family.

  15. I have been to HK Disneyland sometime ago. Could not recall the year but it was a good memory. I like the recent firework “Disney in the Stars”.

  16. I hope you post more photos of you and your kid having fun! I too loved the fireworks and lights show of HK Disneyland, and never miss it whenever I’m in HK!

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