Five Places to bring Kids in Turkey

turkey with kids

Five Best Places to bring kids in Turkey

With plenty to see, and a rich history to absorb, Turkey is a wonderful destination.  But the best of kids might tire of sightseeing, and that’s when destinations tailored made for them would come in handy .  There are several experiences to try out with your kids in Turkey.  Here are five places to bring kids (and the kid in you) while on your family vacation in Turkey.

1. Turkuazoo, Istanbul

Turkuazoo is one of the largest aquarium in Europe. It is located in Forum Istanbul Mall – Bayrampasa, the first largest shopping center in the world with a mega aquarium. Kids can experience the underwater world through its 80 meter moving walkway tunnels which are one of the longest in the world. It has its own sea environments (ranging from the Docks and Piers and Deep Mediterranean to the dangerous sea creatures and Great Barrier), rainforests and flooded forest. The aquarium has around 1000 species of fish including some frightening and marvelous sea creatures, such as guitar sharks, large tiger sharks, piranhas, giant stingrays, nurse sharks, zebra sharks, octopus and many more which can be viewed through glass within 40 exhibits. Other activities in Turkuazoo include, diving with sharks and fish feeding.

2. Miniaturk Museum, Istanbul

Miniaturk Museum is located in Istanbul’s Golden Horn region. It has 105 miniature models of buildings and places of interest around Turkey. The museum hosts the miniature (dwarfed) forms of the famous sights/monuments of Turkey such as Hagia Sophia, Artemis Temple, Topkapi Palace, walkable Bosphorus Bridge, Blue Mosque and Nemrut Dagi. It is one of the best places for kids to catch a glimpse of various historical sites of Turkey.

3. Dino Park, Antalya

It is the largest dinosaur park in Europe with 25 full scale detailed replicas of the animals in one side of the park. Some of the replicas have sound effects and can even move. Dino Park also has smaller scaled dinosaurs with seats on top that kids can sit on and ride the creatures. Moreover, kids can have fun on the sand pit by taking plastic shovels to dig and discover the dinosaur bones hidden underneath the sand like archeologists. The other side of the park offer activities such as, swimming pools with kids slides, climbing wall, 7D cinema, watery football, planetarium, space loops, mini club and live football.

4. AquaDream Water Park, Marmaris 

It is the biggest water park in Turkey — located in the hills of Marmaris outside the city. The water park brags several attractions to suit kids of all ages. It features a host of impressive waterslides (kamikaze, multi and rafting slides), water caves, underground flumes, rapids and splash pools for children. A tour of the water park will lead to attractions such as the Pirate’s Tunnel, Pirate’s Ship, Pirate’s Waterfall, Sunk Boat, Adventure River, Black Thunder, Crocodile Frog, Viper, Cobra, Anaconda, Black Knight, extreme Wave pool, Space bowl, Pro racer and many more

5. Soguksu Milli Parki, Ankara

It is a bird sanctuary located in Turkey’s capital, Ankara. Soguksu Milli Parki is famous for its distinctive and beautiful groundwater reservoirs and freshwater springs. Its waterfalls, springs and natural wildlife offer an ideal location for a family to relax and have fun. The park also enables kids to interrelate with nature by learning the behaviors of different animals including foxes, rabbits, boars, bears, jackals and many more Furthermore, kids have an opportunity to learn about different species of bird especially during summer, because, it is the period when birds migrate to the park.

For your kids to experience these amazing places — make plans to visit Turkey soon!

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