Theme Park: Hong Kong Disneyland with Our Gals

Location: Hong Kong

Editor’s note: Jonel loves Hong Kong – it is a destination she never gets tired of, with its myriad shopping and dining options. And of course, for her girls first visit to Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland featured on the itinerary! Read on for her experience at Hong Kong Disneyland, and head here for more recommendations on where to eat and shop whilst in Hong Kong.

Our Magical Day at Hong Kong Disneyland

Jonel's Day at Hong Kong Disneyland with her gals
Hong Kong Disneyland was going to be a highlight of our family’s trip to Hong Kong.  Bright and early, after a simple breakfast of noodles and wantan in our service apartment, Eaton House, we set off for our visit to the magical Disneyland themed park.

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland was easy on the MTR. One of the good thing about staying at Eaton House – it’s near an MTR station.

Hong Kong Disneyland with our gals – let the fun and magic begin!

First thing first… Cute Mickey Waffles!

waffles at Hong Kong Disneyland Check out the Mickey-shaped waffles! My gals had a waffle (HK$50 each) to munch on first before we continued with other activities in the park – these are just too cute!

Rides, rides and more Rides!!

Hong Kong Disneyland offers lots of rides!
Of course, a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland will not be complete without experiencing the rides and attractions it has to offer.  All the usual rides – the spinning teacups, the carousel etc are here and we loved them

The BEST ride in Hong Kong Disneyland!

buzzlightyear game - the best ride at Hong Kong Disneyland
But one of the best was definitely the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is a fantastic family game that everyone can enjoy together. The game allows us to help Buzz Lightyear defeat Emperor Zurg. The ride vehicle is equipped with a steering wheel and two blaster guns.  The steering wheel helps us rotate our vehicle to face the front or the back, and to move from side to side.  As we ride along, we used the provided laser blaster guns to shoot Zurg and his minions to earn points.  At the end of our journey, we are ranked by the accuracy our shots and how much we’ve helped in the mission!  Very cool!

(Editor’s note: Check out Summer’s story of her day at Hong Kong Disneyland with her son too… It does seem that Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is a firm fave with families!)

More Dining Option at Hong Kong Disneyland

Just like in many other attractions, Disneyland offers its own unique food items and gifts, featuring Disney characters on souvenirs and food items.  We could not resist these cute ice cream, and bought them to quench our thirst!

We had our lunch at a Victorian-style cafe, “Corner Cafe”.  They offer a variety of main courses and dessert items, and also has an Afternoon Tea Set on the menu. We ordered two Cheese Burgers to share amongst the four of us (my husband and I and our two gals).  We don’t expect much of theme park food, but surprisingly, their burgers tasted quite good!

(Read too: OceanPark is the OTHER big theme park popular with visitors in Hong Kong. Read a mum’s review here on KidsOnBoard.)

Oh the PARADE at Hong Kong Disneyland!

At around 3.30pm daily, the park puts on an amazing “Flight of Fantasy Parade”.  The parade weave through the park and down Hollywood. This is definitely a crowd pleaser. Get into a good spot early as it gets crowded…  These are some pictures that we took from the music parade.  This is a definitely a must-see whenever you visit Hong Kong Disneyland – it is magical!

(Editor’s note:  do check the website for updated schedule as it changes with the season.)

Character Meet and Greet at Hong Kong Disneyland

Here’s Azel, my older gal, interacting with Mickey Mouse.  The queues for the meet-and-greet, while long, was quite manageable.  Mickey was of course a crowd favourite.

This is our family photo, taken with Minnie during the Meet-and-Greet Disney Characters session too.

It was a fun day at Hong Kong Disneyland. We didn’t stay back for the fireworks, as we wanted to head to the night market to meet up with other relatives. Nonetheless, I am sure these lovely photos taken will bring back many good memories of our Hong Kong Disneyland experience, even years later.

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