Learning to Ski in Austria: Alpendorf Ski Resort

Establishment: Alpendorf Ski Resort
Location: St. Johann im Pongau, Austria
Address: http://www.alpendorf.com

Editor’s note: Sylvia dreams of travelling the world with her family by her side and keeps a journal of her family’s travel over at OngFamilyTravels.blogspot.com.  For their maiden ski trip, Sylvia and Daddy S chose Alpendorf, a ski resort about an hour from Salzburg, Austria.  She shares with us some highlights from the family’s adventure, learning to ski in Austria at the Alpendorf Ski Resort.  For even more pictures please hop over to her original post here!

Skiing in Alpendorf, Austria

The highlight of our December trip to Austria (2014) is getting everyone to ski!

family ski trip to austria alpendorf ski resort

For the past 2 years, we’ve been vacationing in the mountains, viewing the snowy landscape. This year, we decided to learn skiing instead.  We also decided on the Alpendorf resort, near Salzburg, for our ski debut.

To prepare the kids, Daddy S started showing them beginner ski tips video on Youtube before the trip.


We chose to stay at the Alpenland Sporthotel in St.Johann-im-Pongau, the main town of area.

ski trip with kids in austria alpendorf ski resort

We booked a 2-bedroom unit, and it turned out to be 2 adjoining rooms. Both S were very happy to be given their own bedroom!

The hotel is a 5-min drive from the ski resort.

Our Daily Routine

Every morning, we will have breakfast at a nearby café before driving to Alpendorf.

It is then a cable car ride up the hill, to ski school.

skit trip with kids in austria

We’ve booked lessons for 3 mornings, from 10am – 1pm.  After classes, we take lunch together, then spend the rest of the afternoon practicing what we had learnt, till around 3.30pm. We would then descend, and drive back to our hotel.

Our Ski School: Toni Gruber Ski School

Both S in their ski school outfit. They look so cute. :)

ski school for kids at alpendorf

Because it was the start of the season when we arrived, the children’s ski school was not operational yet.  Before the trip we’ve gotten in touch with Toni Gruber Ski School, enquiring about beginner classes.  Toni made us a deal at a great price – 3 hours private lessons for 3 days, 2 instructors, one for the kids and one for us.

After 3 lessons, Daddy S and I were able to ski independently!

However, we decided to extend an extra day for the kids, as they have not gone onto the beginner slope by the end of the third day.  This proved to be a great decision as both S gained more confidence and were able to ski much better by the end of the fourth day.

family ski trip austria alpendorf

I am proud of Big S – she’s a confident gal with lots of resilience.  On her first go on the T-bar, she fell, but she never gave up and just kept trying.  By the fourth day she was skiing well on her own and we felt safe enough for her to ski down the beginners’ slopes on her own.

ski trip to austria alpendorf ski resort

Our kids with their instructor, Miss Laura. She was an 18 years old young gal who just started teaching skiing. However she did a wonderful job and both S liked her very much – maybe it’s the sweets she gave them daily 😛

At the end of four days…

family ski trip to austria alpendorf resort

Small S still required Daddy’s help to go up as he is under aged and too short ;P

But overall we were pleased with our progress over the four days – we could now ski independently down the beginners’ slopes!

Ski Rental: Snow Shop

We booked our ski equipment from Snow Shop. The kids, fitting for their ski wear…

family ski trip to austria alpendorf ski rental snow shop

We made a new friend, Gerhard, the owner at Snow Shop. He even gave each of us a present, which both S wore for the rest of the trip.  We highly recommend his rental shop too.

Family Fun in Alpendorf Ski Resort

Besides skiing, the resort offered lots of snowy fun for the family. This was the first we took the kids on a ski lift. We brought a ski hat and a scarf and built a snowman after our ski lessons on the fourth day.

family ski trip to austria alpendorf ski resort

…and Daddy S had a good snowball fight with the kids.  The picture of both S on the snow?  That’s the kids in “formation” to hide from Daddy S’s attacks.

We had fun at Alpendorf Ski Resort and are already planning our next ski holiday! ☺

 Editor’s note:  The Alpendorf Ski Resort is part of Austria’s Salzburg Sportwelk ski area.  Alpendorf offers 33km2 of ski runs, while together with the nearby Flachau, Filzmoos and Wagrain, a combined ski area of 282km2.  The resort is equally accessible from Munich (Germany) as from Salzburg.  For more information on Alpendorf please visit their official website here.

Have a recommendation for the family who wants to learn how to ski? Drop us a comment below or share with us your story here – we’d love to hear from you.


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