Singapore Zoo

Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826

IMG_1140I come back to Singapore once a year, and this is the kids’ favourite place to visit. The Singapore Zoo is known to be the wold’s Best Rainforest Zoo and I have to agree. Since this is sunny Singapore, you best arm yourself with sunglasses, visors, caps for the little one and sunblock if you sunburn easily – an an umbrella since there has been quite a bit of daily showers. I usually carry ponchos for the kids, its easier for them to move in, covers them better and if the rain is not to heavy still allows them to roam the exhibits. Although there are shelters spread out throughout the park, it can get quite cramp on weekends and its a walk between them. Do not forget the insect repellant, this is Singapore! IMG_4109 The exhibits are well spaced out and maintained and set is stunning rainforest surroundings. The animals seem very happy (they do not look underfeed or abused). This is quite a large park, expect to set aside at least 3hours minimum, including the shows. I suggest getting a map and planning your route and wear comfortable walking shoes as their are quite a few stairs to manage. Get map here zoo map The Singapore Zoo is spread over 28 hectares and is a haven to more than 3,600 mammals, birds and reptiles including some of the most rare and endangered species in the world. Natural barriers like streams, rock walls and beautiful landscaping are used to separate the animals from visitors thus creating an “open zoo” effect. If walking is not your thing, then hop on the trams. You have to pay extra but for some comfort and relief for the feet it is worth it. It was especially welcomed at the end of the excursion when the kids are just bushed out! There is plenty to do. From shows to interactive activities for the kids and if you don’t mind a bit of splash on a hot sunny day, the kids zone has a water pool for your to cool down (we didn’t do this but notice plenty of others enjoying it) IMG_8766 Of course the souvenir shops are a big hit! You might want to consider going either in the early morning and breakfast with the Orang Utan’s or venture in the late afternoon, although it might not leave you enough time for all the exhibits and shows.   IMG_8997 We did not need a stroller but there is ample space to push one through including wheelchair access. There are plenty of kiosks selling drinks, ice cream and snacks around the park so there’s no reason not to to stay hydrated. Overall was a fun day with the kids and worth coming back annually to see the additions to the zoo.


Editor’s note: Look up the internet for offers on admission charges before your trip.  A good place to start is the Wildlife Reserve website. As parent company of the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Birdpark and River Safari, Wildlife Reserve also offers “Park Hopper” passes which offers discount to multiple parks entry.  

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