Sunset Fishing in the Indian Ocean

Establishment: Sunset Fishing in the Indian Ocean
Location: Maldives

Maldives, The Indian Ocean

One of our favourite family holidays was our trip to the Maldives in 2012!

While the Maldives is often touted as an expensive holiday destination for honeymooning couples, it can also be an excellent, fun-filled, educational holiday for families with kids too!

seaplane to conrad maldives

Some tips to save on expenses – travel during the off-peak seasons (read: avoid Christmas/New Year holidays), opt for resorts that are accessible by speedboat as opposed to seaplane, don’t assume that full board packages are necessarily more worth it, and look out for special offers from hotels.

We stayed at a beachfront villa at the Conrad Rangali, which had a kids club, a great pool, and a shallow reef where we could snorkel. We started our days with a long breakfast (which sometimes doubled as lunch!), followed by hermit-crab catching along the beach, afternoon naps, post-naps dips in the infinity pool and relaxing picnic dinners by the beach.

Maldives with kids

One of the highlights of our trip as an excursion on a dhoni to the deep sea to do line-fishing! While we are very urban people at home (singapore), we actually ended up catching the most fish among all the passengers on that dhoni!

fishing in maldives

Our catch was stored and frozen by the staff of the Conrad, and we had them for lunch the next day – yummy, fresh red snapper while eating under coconut trees with white sand between your toes – who could ask for a better holiday!

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