Review: The Diamond Forest Cottages, a farmstay in Pemberton

Establishment: The Diamond Forest Cottages
Location: Pemberton, Western Australia, Australia

Farm Stay in Pemberton – The Diamond Forest Cottages 

Our two-nights farm-stay at the Diamond Forest Cottages, in December 2012, was a highlight of our Western Australia road trip.

Located two hours away from Margaret River, right between the towns of Pemberton and Manjiup, Diamond Forest Cottages is a leisure farm. The owners, Jenny and Mark, have a wonderful collection of farm animals – ponies, rabbits, kangaroos, pigs, she eps, alpacas, peacocks (including a beautiful albino one), turkeys, ducks, geese, hens… Jenny and Mark love their animals, and have taken quite a number of “handicapped” pets under their charge – that these animals are thriving is surely a testament to the couple’s commitment.

Jenny and Mark are also lovely hosts. They genuinely enjoy having kids around, and are kind and patient with ours, answering many, many questions fielded by our 6-and-8-year-old pair. Our city boys were very happy to tramp around the farm, feeding the animals and collecting eggs each morning, whilst we, the parents, were just as happy to relax by the balcony with our morning coffee (plunger and fresh milk thoughtfully provided by the host) knowing the kids were well entertained and taken care off.


And yes – the sheepdogs! The couple has four beautiful, well-trained dogs, very well-behaved and delightful to play with. My sons were so inspired by their time with this quartet, they’ve been asking for a puppy all for themselves… (erhm, no, not in our apartment, dears).

It’s a quiet, serene property, featuring four double-room chalets. Our chalet, Lavender Cottage, is neatly appointed, very clean, comfy and cosy, exactly as featured on the establishment’s website. There are two canoes provided, and guests are welcome to paddle at leisure at the on-site dam.

farmstay kidsonboard.netJust in case the kids need indoor entertainment, a communal lounge is available and equipped with foosball and air hockey tables. Laundry facilities are housed too within the lounge building. On both evenings, we were happy to return “home” after a day of sightseeing and walking, to enjoy a hearty bbq dinner with our wines. BBQ supplies can be easily picked up form the supermarkets in Manjiup or Pemberton.

An idyllic country getaway, perfect for families.

Yx, 11 would like to add...

Canoeing on the little lake is a lot of fun! I wished my mum had let us do it more than once!

canoeing in diamond forest cottages

2 Comments on “Review: The Diamond Forest Cottages, a farmstay in Pemberton

  1. Oh my! What a lovely experience! Hmmm… It’s a good thing to keep the kids grounded with what really happens in the country rather than being couped up in their rooms with their iPads and phones. *Look at me, I’m 23 and already speaking as if I had children of my own! hahaha!*

    If you had a tiring day of walking and sightseeing… I’d love to come home to that feast of a photo you’ve posted! hahaha!

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