Review: Landmark Mandarin Hong Kong

Establishment: The Landmark Mandarin Hotel
Address: Hong Kong Island

Editor’s note: Landmark Mandarin Hong Kong is centrally location on Hong Kong Island and well-known as a top city hotel… for businessmen. How does it measure for a family vacation? Ling Tan shares her review.

A Pampering Stay in Downtown Hong Kong

Landmark Mandarin Hong Kong Hotel landmark-slippers

Landmark Mandarin Hong Kong was one of the loveliest hotels we’ve stayed in, as a family.

Yes, it was luxurious, with oh-so-soft phol bed linens and plush bathrobes. Yes, it was perfectly appointed, with a top-of-the-line ipod dock and much-appreciated Nespresso machine. Yes, we enjoyed soaking in the large, circular bath – the bathroom certainly is gorgeous. For the price we paid though, these are kinda “to-be-expected”, not exactly perks.

Certainly, the location is superb – we were even within walking distance to our favourite braise goose in Hong Kong! (That will be Yung Kee’s, maybe everyone’s favourite!).  But what makes this hotel great, really great, was the service and the attention to detail.

We arrived early, at 10am in the morning, straight after two nights at Hong Kong Disneyland. We had to wait a couple of hours for our room. The concierge provided us with bottles of Fiji Mineral water and a Landmark Mall directory, and with a twinkle in his eyes, suggested that we check out the mall’s Christmas decoration – “it’s a train, madam, the boys will love it!” The receptionist had noted our boys’ age upon check in, and up in our room later that afternoon, we found two kids’ bathrobes, sized perfectly for each boy, hanging next to ours. Bedroom slippers, with cute emboss of a panda, were provided for the boys, as were rubber duckies – yes, these brought huge grins to our kids’ faces!  At turndown each night, staff left extra pralines for the kids.

Landmark Mandarin Hong Kong and the lovely bathrobes

We stayed for three nights, and were addressed by name everywhere within the hotel. There’s 113 rooms within the hotel, and they were running at full capacity – we were impressed. At the slightest hint of a drizzle, the doormen handed out umbrellas. Above all, you feel that the staff really care that you enjoy your stay with them – none of the snobbish service attitudes some would say Hong Kong’s famous for.  One evening, we came back late, and the “baby” (he was already six then) had fallen asleep.  The bellboy came forward and assisted with our bags, and walked us back up to our room, just to ensure that we are fine.

We usually avoid staying at big chains when we travel, preferring instead boutique hotels and smallish chains, where the service is more personalised.  Here, we genuinely felt like treasured guests – something which many big-chained hotels claim, but so few deliver. Love it!


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