Stay Review: The Plaza Hotel Seoul


Establishment: The Plaza Hotel Seoul
Location: Seoul, Korea

We were in Hilton Millennium and 2 other resort hotels before we arrived at The Plaza Hotel Seoul. It was definitely the most well-designed and comfortable hotels of them all – this was our favorite stay in Seoul.

We were greeted by an extremely friendly and helpful staff- known as Trainee Hong – and he remembered our family during our 3 days stay. Even the young lady staff, who was always standing around both exist doors, was so nice and share with us where to visit, and provided information for the free transport to the tourist areas.

Our kids love this hotel, especially the technology! Almost everything can be remote-controlled, from the alarm, to the curtains and lights.
kidsonboard seoul plaza hotel


Comfy bed

Our cosy bed – everything within control from that vantage position!

Bathroom with a view

The bathroom, with great amenities.

The location is superb, very centralised, and right next to City Hall. We were walking distance to the MRT station and the MyeongDong area, both connected to the hotel through an underground mall and walkway. The underground mall stays warm and cosy, protection against the very very very cold weather of Seoul.  Great in winter!


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  1. Hello, may I know what hotel room type did you book for the plaza hotel Seoul?

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