The Wild Animals at Londolozi


Establishment: The wild animals at Londolozi
Location: Sabi Sands Private Reserve

Of Ranger, Tracker and Wild Animals at Londolozi

We just came back from South Africa, where we’ve had a most amazing holiday.

It is true: South Africa is a wonderful destination, with much to offer.  From paragliding in Cape Town, to sharks cage-diving in Kleinbaai, from exploring the iconic Table Mountain to horseback riding through a fynbos conservation reserve – our senses are still reeling from the multitude of experiences we’ve had.

Yet, without a doubt, our four-night stay at Londolozi Private Game Reserve was THE highlight of our trip.

It’s our first safari trip, and we wanted to plan one of those vacations the family will remember for years to come.  We wanted to see the big five (easily, please), we wanted the kids to have an “education” and learn to respect nature, we wanted creature comfort, good food and genuine hospitality… After extensive research (and much debate), my husband and I finally agreed on Londolozi, a private game reserve located within the Greater Krugur National Park.

And so it was, that within hours of arrival at the lodge and on our very first game drive, we were in the company of the Mhangeni pride – four lionesses and their ten cubs. We stared, spellbound, as the cubs played and cuddled, occasionally glancing curiously at us, meters from our jeep. The African sun was setting, the sky a brilliant hue of orange when we finally left them after spending an hour observing the pride.  It felt like a dream.

That dream continued through the next four days. Over our eight game drives, we saw everything that we had wished for – amongst the most memorable: a coalition of four grown male lions, the Mhangeni pride of 13 led by four lionesses playing and and grooming together as the sun sets, a herd of wild buffaloes along the riverbank as far as our eyes could see, a mummy rhinoceros and her baby basking in the sun, an elephant family drinking and playing by the water hole, even an elusive cheetah on the hunt.

wild cheetah and kid

And then, there was a most dramatic morning, where, right in front of our eyes, a leopard ambushed and killed a warthog, only for his meal to be robbed from him by a pride of lions. (It’s too long a story to recount here, please visit my husband’s blog for the full story and photos; my 10-year-old’s perspective of the event is recounted below). Our ranger and tracker, the talented Ntsako and Fanodi, were equally amazed by the turn of event – we secretly think, though, that they have a direct line of communication with the wild.

londolozi ranger and tracker with kids(To the left, Ntsako explaining to us where we are moving to in the afternoon game drive; to the right, the brave Fanodi, on his tracker seat.)

The game sighting we had at Londolozi surpassed all our expectations. At 7ha, Londolozi has one of the largest tract of privately-held land (which means a greater expanse of land for guests to roam) in Greater Krugur National Park, guaranteeing, on paper, fantastic chance for wildlife sighting. Without the well-trained, dedicated team though, we would not have had the experience we had. Ntsako, our ranger, has a wealth of knowledge about the animals, which he shared with us generously. Through his recounting, the histories of the wild animals at Londolozi came together, making each sighting all the more personal and meaningful. Fanodi, in his gentle and quiet ways, inspired with his courage – he was the one who was always hopping off the jeep to check the lion and leopard tracks! And because we’ve told the team Yy (my younger boy) likes giraffes, they were constantly on the lookout for these elegant giants. We came away, awed by the powerful, beautiful animals, awed by Mother Nature and her design.

The food and accommodation were top-notch, the hospitality accorded to us by our camp managers and butlers thoughtful. Teacher Emma (of Kids’ Den) was sweet and the boys enjoyed hanging with her. I will attempt to drop in another review on these other aspects of Londolozi soon!

For now, I’m enjoying my memories of our time spent in the bushes, for these certainly are memories worth a lifetime – I hope too, my children will cherish them for a long, long time.

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Yanxin, 13 would like to add...

Another exciting jeep ride in Londolozi: An Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Silence. That was all we heard as we approached the Leopard on our second safari ride in South Africa. The Leopard lays on the grass, all quiet. Suddenly a herd of warthogs came running out from nowhere! The Leopard swiftly and strongly leapt on one of them. The rest (of the warthogs) retreated as the Leopard held on tightly to the warthog’s neck. A Hyena, attracted by the screams of the warthog, approached and looked at him from a distance, waiting. Then, like a bolt from the blue, six Lions appeared and scared the Leopard away. The Leopard had dropped his kill! The Lions began to tuck in…

My parents and the adults were all sorry for the Leopard. He did all the work but had nothing to eat. I felt sorry for the warthog – I think the adults have forgotten that he was the one who died.

wild giraffe and kid

13 Comments on “The Wild Animals at Londolozi

  1. YX’s last sentence about his observation of the warthog is so funny! ….and very perspective!!

  2. Ling tan, your children are really lucky to go on such an expedition. Engaging them from the very beginning planning stage of your travel not only strenghtens family bond, that are also puts them through life skills. Getting really close to nature was amazing. Most adult would feel sorry for the leopard its time to relearn from our kids . YX’s empathy for the warthog was nice.

  3. that must have been quite an exciting jeep ride. memories of a lifetime. your family is indeed really lucky. could you share how the trip was arranged? diy or through a travel agent?

    • Hi Meng2, we actually DIY-ed the trip. Found an agent in South Africa who booked the resort + internal transfer from jo’berg to kurger for us at a decent rate (after comparing many quotes), as Londolozi does not seem to take bookings direct. But everything else – international flight, internal flights, Cape Town / Overberg region hotels + activities etc we managed ourselves. Let me know if you need more info!

  4. Amazing pictures, just geourgeous! I’m really jealous of your safari experience! And how cool that your kids got to experience it at such young age! Thank you for letting me live it through you :)

  5. Kids at their age experiencing things Safari? Wow, cool. The entire family, especially your children must said that’s one their most awesome moments in life, eh?

  6. Wow! I am salivating with the photos you have here. I wish I could experience being in the wild. Perhaps now’s the time to save and fly to Africa, eh?

  7. South Africa is on my bucket list! I’ve always wanted to see their wildlife safari and I think londolozi is a great place to start. and that photo of Yanxin is so cool! Kudos to your family for braving the wild. :)

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Yes, the kids are really lucky… We waited quite a while for this adventure too, as we wanted them to be able to appreciate what we think would be the trip of a lifetime too! It was quite amazing, to say the least :)

  9. Sounds like an amazing destination for families. I would love to visit it at least once. :) GIG

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