Says the Local: Top Views from Mont Saleve, an Attraction in Geneva

Establishment: Mont Saleve
Location: France, just outside Geneva over the Swiss border

Editor’s note: Jessica Murphet is an Australian Mama, currently living in Geneva with her two young kids. When she is not busy setting up home and settling into a new city or arranging play dates with other mamas, Jess could be found hiking with her kids and enjoying it (mostly). Here, Jess shares with us a top attraction in Geneva, located in France – yes, it sounds confusing but that will be Mont Saleve! Follow Jess’ adventures in Switzerland on her Instagram account, @mini_explorers.

Mont Saleve, a lovely attraction in Geneva

Just outside Geneva, across the French border, sits the magestic Mont Saleve.

We had only been living in Geneva a week when we first went up the mountain on the Mont Saleve cable car, and we were overwhelmed by the incredible views of our new home.
Lovely views over Geneva from Mont Seleve, a top attraction in Geneva

(Editor’s note: If you are a fan of lovely sweeping views over, do check out Ling’s day at Hakodate, Japan, where the family took a cable way up Mt Hakodate for a Michellin-starred view; or Jonel’s experience at Namsan Tower in Seoul, South Korea; and Bel’s sunset at Willis Tower in Chicago. )

There is a lovely grassy area for a picnic, where you can gaze over Lake Geneva and watch paragliders run past and launch themselves over the cliff.
Day trip from Geneva to France and having a picnic at Mont Saleve

Mont Saleve is only 20km from the centre of Geneva. The Mont Saleve cable car takes visitors to an altitude of over 1,000m every 15 minutes from April to October. Day tripping to France from Geneva is entirely possible and doesn’t get easier than this.  You could also drive – or hike!

There are many walks to explore while you’re on the mountain, each varying in distance and difficulty.
Top Attraction in Geneva for best views over the city, Mont Seleve

We love climbing up the steep path behind the playgrounds to see if we can spot the ever snow-tipped Mont Blanc, or wandering through the woodlands and looking for fairy homes.

I’ve been trying out my Mum and Dad’s bushwalking with kids techniques here – a mix of storytelling and strategically placed lollies… It works quite well :)

(Editor’s note: KK Tan enjoys hiking with his little one too; check out his Lamma Island Hike in Hong kong with his tot.)

You can also have a traditional Swiss meal in the restaurant L’Horizon du Saleve, or let the kids play on the playgrounds while relaxing with a hotdog and beer from the canteen.

This is a lovely spot, and one I would happily recommend to my friends and family visiting Geneva.

Junior Says

“I love climbing up the steep bits, because then you can see all the mountains. Also the ice cream is good, and you can watch people jump off and fly!”

Camile, 4yo

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16 Comments on “Says the Local: Top Views from Mont Saleve, an Attraction in Geneva

  1. I’ve been wating to go to Geneva for a while now, and one of the reasons is to see these amazing landscapes. I love the mountains – I’m pretty sure my son will love them too (I’m sure my husband does :D). It looks like it was a wonderful trip!

  2. Camile’s comment was so cute! Couldnt agree with her more. The hike is always worth it once you reach the top :)

  3. Oh, my parents recently visited Geneva and I was going wow over the photos which they took during their vacation. Mont Saleve was one of the tourist destinations they went to :)

  4. Ooooh, I’ve always been curious about Geneva. It has been on my bucket list for years now, but I never had hiking in mind haha. Not that fit to do so!

  5. Ma sha Allah. (God has willed) That is a beautiful scenery. <3 id love to climb just to see that. <3

  6. Geneva, a place I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I was a kid. But, will remain a wish. Such a great city to see.

  7. I heard Geneva has many very beautiful places but its very far far away from my home. Hopefully one day I will reach there. Thanks

  8. I would not really think of hiking when given a chance to visit Geneva. However, this one really looks like a great adventure. Thank you for the recommendation.

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