What to do in Sri Lanka: Whale Watching at Mirissa

Establishment: Mirissa Sea Sports
Location: Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Editor’s note: The Blue Whales are the largest mammals in the world, and Mirrisa, Sri Lanka, is becoming a hot spot for marine enthusiasts keen on sighting these giant giants. Here, Seida shares her family’s experience Whale Watching at Mirrisa, with Mirrisa Waters Sport.


Mirissa is a laid-back seaside town down by the south coast of Sri Lanka. We went whale watching at Mirissa as our tour operator Reddot recommended it.

The peak season for whale watching is between December to April. There are several tour operators in town to choose from. Our tour operator Reddot booked the whale-watching tour with Mirissa Water Sports for us. They (Reddot) arranged an early morning pick up from Unawatuna (where we were based, about 90 mins from Mirissa) and breakfast to take-away on the boat. They also prepared for us medication against seasickness, and bottles of water for the cruise.

All in all, the cruise lasted about 4 hours. The sea can be rough at times, and it can make the kids (and adults too) quite sea sick. We sat on the floor on the top deck of the boat (there’re no proper seat), so it’s important to check that your kids don’t move around too much. It gets sunny and hot in the late morning, so bring sun block!

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and worth the “hassle” – we saw several blue whales whispering, jumping! For my son, it was good, as he was interested, and patient enough, to look for the whales. However I think for children below 4yo, this will not be a good excursion and I won’t recommend it. Our baby was ok, but I don’t think she understands much!

Editor’s note: Ling Tan’s family got a chance to meet with the lovely Blue Whales on their Sri Lanka trip too. She shared a review of Raja and the Whales, another operator – hop over here for another whale watching at Mirissa report shared on our site.


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