Destination: Bandung

Establishment: Bandung
Location: West Java, Indonesia

Contributor:  Pamela Chee

Travelled with: Two kids, aged 6 and 9

Editor’s note: Beyong Bali, Jakarta, Bintan or Batam, Indonesia has so much to offer family travellers. Here, Pamela Chee shares with us lovely memories from her family trip to Bandung, the third largest city in Indonesia and gives us an oversight of what to do in Bandung with kids.

What to do in Bandung with Kids

The third largest city in Indonesia, Bandung is a cheap destination to spend your holiday.   It is clean and safe and the people are very friendly. I’d recommend a 3 – 5 days stay, to take in the sights and sounds of this interesting city.

Where to Stay in Bandung
where to stay in bandung with kids

Image Credit: Accor Hotels ibis Styles Bandung Braga

The best area to stay at would be around Braga Walk, or Jalan Braga. It is in the heart of the heritage zone of Bandung where you will see all the old colonial buildings and many huge shopping malls, all about 20-30 minutes taxi drive away.

We stayed at Ibis Styles Bandung Braga in Braga street. There is one at Trans Studio too so don’t get confused.

(Read too:  newly-opened Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bandung offers family suites and kids club.) 

Where to visit and what to do in Bandung

Bandung also has many mountains and beautiful fields. So here are some of the places you could plan to visit…

Floating Market Lembang

This floating market is a clean and nice place, much like the Botanical Gardens in Singapore.

what to do in bandung with kids floating market bandung

Image Credit: Floating Market Lembang


The floating market is not that special but the park is.  There are many activities to do there, like ceramic painting and animal feeding. For kids, you can ride a mini trishaw there. Decorated with cute cartoons, the trishaws are sure to catch someone’s eye.

Strawberries Farm visits

There are many strawberry farms in Bandung. You could pluck your own strawberries and buy them according to the weight of the strawberries.

Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu is great for people who want to have a good view of volcano craters. The entry fee is $3 SGD per person. Don’t worry, the volcano is dormant for now. There are many souvenir stalls that sell local art and craft and some of the crafts are worth buying as it is made from the stones of the volcano. I would definitely recommend you to get these volcano keychains as they are rare and hardly break. Horse riding is also available there for $8 SGD. Two people can ride at once.
what to do in Bandung with kids  Valcano visit
This was the view from the top of the mountain where we got a good view of the volcano and it’s crater. This was the closest visitors could go to the volcano. There was a barrier so that visitors would be safe. They also had an option to climb higher up the ‘mountain’.

A tip on getting around – we took a Blue Bird Taxi to all these places on one day for only $40 SGD! The drivers from blue bird are very friendly and will gladly tell you hot tourist spots.

Where to Shop in Bandung

For shopping, there is Kota Kembang, it is a long alley with both sides filled with little shops which sells clothes, bags, shoes and food. It is extremely cheap. The walkways are quite narrow though so if you don’t like crowded places, Kota Kembang is not really an option.

shopping in bandung with kids

From top left, clockwise direction: Cihampola’s Walk, Paris Van Java, Braga Citywalk and Trans Studio Mall. Image Credit: Bandung Tourism Official Website


You could also go to Cihampelas Walk or Jean Street. The walk sells stuff like clothing and hats at cheap prices and you can still bargain. The outdoor Mall is great for food and beauty lovers. If you go there in the evening, the cold air would be your natural air condition!

Trans Studio in a theme park cum shopping mall. The mall is big and really clean. It sells branded goods like Charles & Keith, Converse, Nike and Skechers. Just beside Trans Mall is a themepark. It’s filled with many cool stuff and there’s even a theme park that’s like RWS Sentosa in Singapore. You will need to research on that as we did not go there.

Paris Van Java is favourite mall for those who are brand-concious. Filled with branded goods, it is a one stop shopping mall for the whole family.

Braga Citiwalk Mall is situated in Braga Walk as the name suggests. One great place to eat there would be a western restaurant, Giggle Box. Their western food is great! You can choose from spaghetti to grilled steak to burgers.  If you walk to Braga Citiwalk, you can see many talented artists work.  Along the way to Cihampelas Mall a few beggars would be on the street. Beware of fake ones who will trick you with their legs in the drain hole, away from your sight.

Getting there
what to do in Bandung with kids the airport

Image Credit: Bandung Airport

The airport there is really tiny as it has only one terminal. I would recommend not going to the airport too early because you will have to wait for a very long time in the gate. One thing I love about the airport is that you have to walk to the plane. For people with morning flights on a hot morning, you are lucky. You’ll squint but won’t feel hot at all because of the cold temperature there. Just go to Bandung and you will understand.

Plus, Singapore Airline and Silk Air often have some great prices to Bandung from Singapore too.  So, make Bandung your next holiday vacation – hope this helped to plan your itinerary!

Editor’s note:  Where your favourite holiday destination in Indonesia with the kids?  Leave a comment, or share with us your insight here.  We’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Bandung! In my bucket list and hoping to cross it off soon! Thank you for this post, would love a chance to photograph that crater. 😉

    • We hope you get to cross it off your bucket list soon too Violy 😉 Come by and tell us all about your experience when you do!

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  2. Wow! There’s definitely a lot of things to do in Bandung whether you are with kids or not. I love that the weather is not too hot and not too cold too.

  3. I’ll admit I was not very familiar with what Bandung has to offer, but it is interesting to discover a new place to visit. I’d definitely go to see the volcanoes (maybe even horse ridding!)

  4. Thank you for introducing this Indonesian city to me. I have not even considered going there before but that volcano crater is certainly interesting.

  5. Thanks for this useful tips and list of to do to keep in mind when travelling. I have not been to Bandung yet so this is even more essential guide.

  6. It looks like a nice family place to visit as they have a lot of outdoor attractions. It also has the small town feel that’s refreshing when you are exhausted from the busyness of the city.

  7. oh, bandung! i wanted to visit some days for a weekend getaway with my girlies. didn’t know they have strawberry farms too! i only heard that it’s good for shopping… heh!

  8. I have been to Bandung a few times with friends and family. My friends who is into blog shop business like to go there to buy her stock. The hotel and cost of living is relatively reasonable. I like the food there also.

  9. From what I know, Bandung is a rose drink that’s really sweet. I haven’t been to this part of Indonesia. The floating market looks nice. The shopping areas are must-visit destinations for tourists.

  10. I have a good friend who lives in Jakarta and when we were planning for my visit, she told me she’d take me here however, there were some emergencies happened on my end so we moved it to next year. I’m excited for my visit to Bandung. I’ll see if she’d take me to these places. Hehe.

  11. The trip to the Tangkuban Perahu sounds so interesting! A good place to visit and learn more about dormant volcanoes and go for a horse ride 😉

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